How to write a speech

In case some of you were curious about my process. This takes you from accepting the gig straight up to the day before.

Image: Gregor Reisch [Public domain]

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3 thoughts on “How to write a speech”

  1. I found a Hallmark card that said something like I used to just be a Crastinator, but now after working on it, I am a Procrastinator. Really, this is the story of my life. So, I was fully understanding your getting ready to give a speech, but when I read about the bears, I just laughed out loud and feel better about not having gotten my money stuff together for the Old Hubs so he can complete the taxes. I am gonna do it today, do it now, well, I will get dressed first because it’s too important a job to be done in my nightgown. Maybe, I will eat breakfast first but it’s 11:30 AM so maybe it will be Brunch.

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