How to live with other humans (and find your missing shoe)

Sometimes what I want most of all is just to have a clean kitchen. Sometimes I feel very strongly that the kids should learn how to clean properly. Sometimes I simply ardently want to lie down, and the hell with the house. But I probably can’t have all three things I want: A well-cleaned house, kids that work hard, and a restful evening for myself. I have to pick one or two. When I ask myself what I truly want, then I usually know pretty clearly how I can achieve that one thing. But the answer is almost never, “I myself have no responsibility here.”

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Image: Lady Elizabeht Paget, by Rex Whistler [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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2 thoughts on “How to live with other humans (and find your missing shoe)”

  1. I always sigh when I see you wrote things for a Catholic magazine. It’s not that the info isn’t superb, it’s that I know that nobody is going to stumble up to the mic and play the blues confessionally.

    I miss Housewife karaoke on “I Have to Sit Down”.

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