Death for nonsense, death for love

How can I persuade your mind to accept something even your body has known since before it was born? The body knows that life is better than death. People who attempt to drown themselves will tie their own ankles together because they know that even in the very act of self-extinction, their bodies will fight hard to live. I wonder if we are on our way to reprogramming our brains to evolve past our body’s involuntary thrashing toward life. It does seem like we are trying.

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3 thoughts on “Death for nonsense, death for love”

  1. The kingdom of God is like an embryo … already but not yet.

    I don’t know that I’ve heard that “worst argument” you identify, that if one were aborted, one would never know. When I read it in your piece, I wondered — the aborted zygote, embryo, fetus, its immortal soul goes somewhere that it does have consciousness, right? And isn’t that place heaven?

    So it seems like that “worst argument” is even worse than you said, because it seems like the next step is “either the aborted person never knows anything, or they wake up in paradise, so where’s the harm?”

  2. That image of the coat hanger sent a chill down my spine. As if a probe or a curette is better? You have to stick to your guns America. You set the horrible precedent for the world some decades ago. Now you have to reset it.

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