More like “gay with us” in new FrancisChurch hidden ideology graphic outrage, EXPOSED

The USCCB has announced the 2019 theme for Catechetical Sunday. It is “Stay with Us,” and here is the graphic to go with it:

My first impulse was to trash this graphic on its merits, but then I realized it doesn’t have any.

Luckily, I am very astute; and so, just for today’s post, I got together and called myself an Institute. If you’re not too lily-livered to continue reading and are ready to have some toxic modernest ideologies unmasked, then prepare to be outraged with all the infiltration that is going on in this seemingly innocuous graphic. 

First up is the blatant theme of mozzarella balls. One mozzarella ball is featured on the facade of the FranciStrocity-style “church” building, and the second is depicted barreling down the road toward Jesus.

It may seem comical for a a food item such as cheese to be included in a religious depiction, but in fact no depiction could be farther from being comical. Mozzarella is known to be associated with the region known as Italy, clearly and deliberately bringing to mind the dictator Mussolini, which obviously refers the even bigger dictator, Bergoglio, who is coming for Jesus like a giant mozzarella ball. This is in a nutshell the new fascism of the far left neo-marxist liberal agenda, and it’s mindblowing that more don’t see it, or do they and do they only wish to not see what is there to see? 

Directly under the mozzarella ball is a gray shape which at first resembles a cup but upon further examination is cleft at the bottom, like a fishtail.


This is a clear reference to the Sumerian fish-tailed god Enki, which is pagan, unlike Christianity

There is a whole class about this at Ave Maria.

As a final assault on the decency of the viewer, there appears dangling in the darkened doorway of the “church’s” facade a limb-like object rendered in lighter blue.

Our Lady of Fatima warned us that there would be fashions that would be grieving to Our Lady of Fatima, and to what else could she possibly be making reference to? This is clearly a leg, a woman’s leg, and it’s clad in blue, which is a reference to “bluestockings,” or educated women, which if you read Professor Tony Esolen you would know is why we’re in this fix today.  There is a whole class about this at Thomas More. 

Moving clockwise, we next encounter the smoke of satan. Extremely shocking, but there is not a lot to say about it.

Then there are some brown-skinned gals sorting fruit in a factory and we are okay with this, as long as they’re not working mothers, who should sorting fruit at home. They do appear to have their heads covered and this is commendable.

Directly to their right is depicted a depiction of two construction workers.

At first we were outraged because we thought they were gay, but then Professor Tony Esolen graciously provided us with a seminar which explained that they are simply two burly, sweaty men erecting a giant rod together before they shower in order to keep their minds off silly things. This made sense, so we stopped being outraged about this part. 

Under the wholesome heterosexual part there is a man depicted struggling against some sort of bars.

At first glance this appears to depict a man in prison, possibly referring to those pinko corporal works of mercy, but on closer inspection, the true meaning is even more nefarious. A scholar who goes by the name DeusMaximusVultDogg, who must remain anonymous because toxic feminists keep silencing him because no one understands flirting anymore, believes it to be masonic. We intend to zoom in and take a closer look later when our wife comes back from her obedience class and shows us how to zoom in. 

Can you believe we’re not even halfway through this? This is the price you pay for being rigorous in your scholarship. It’s very tiring, but sometimes this is the white martyrdom to which we are called.

On the lefthand side of the outrage, we have depicted a family with standard-colored skin, with three children and a cat.

The spacing between the ages of the second and third children seems suspiciously large, as if they may have had recourse to that modernistic tool of Satan, the basal thermometer; but the woman is wearing a skirt of a godly length and thus does not appear to be a toxic feminist. The close proximity of the cat, which has close ties to witchcraft, is troubling, but we’ll let it slide out of respect for the major donor and lifelong mentor who keeps this Institute afloat, the esteemed Baron von Tiddlywink. Baron von Tiddlywink likes to talk about how, when the white smoke come out of the chimney on that fateful day in 2013, he got a queasy feeling in his stomach, oh yes he did! And that’s how you know. 

We now arrive at the central outrage of the outrage, which is the depiction of how Jesus Christ is depicted. At first it simply appears to be simply typical of the post-conciliar “religious” art churned out by the dead-eyed spawn of limp-wristed heretics who didn’t even use Seton.

But if you turn the image sideways

you will see that hidden among the folds of the robe are very clear letters: aleph, nun, kaf. 

That’s right. These are Hebrew letters. Hebrew, as in JEW, and NOT THE GOOD KIND OF JEW, either, so it’s NOT ANTISEMITISM, OKAY? NOTHING IS ANTISEMITISM.

And that’s not where the infiltration ends! You will note that “aleph nun kaf” is strangely similar to the letters “A” “N” and “K,” which is a derivation of the wholesome ancient Anglo Saxon letter, “C.” Do you see it? Or are you blind? ANC, or African National Congress, which has clear ties to black people.

Friends, infiltration doesn’t get any more flagrant. They had a whole semester about this at Christendom. 

Also, the gentleman on the left looks like he has a mouth in his hair? Super masonic. 

There is more, but we leave the reader with one final outrage: Note the colors of the road down which the Jew-figure is mincing down: Green, orange, yellow, red, and purple.

Sound familiar?

These are all colors.

Where else have we seen colors?

That’s right: In the rainbow, as in the rainbow that’s been coopted by the pervChurch marxist LGBTQXYZ agenda-infiltrated headscarf-wearing effeminate condom-peddling amazonian nuchurch 





EDIT 11:49 AM: In the heat of composition I find that I have inadvertently allowed myself to assume the form of Cardinal Burke.

Pax et bonum.




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23 thoughts on “More like “gay with us” in new FrancisChurch hidden ideology graphic outrage, EXPOSED”

  1. What if we just think it’s ass-ugly, and for the amount of money we’re shelling out to the hierarchs, we could have gotten someone in with a sharper aesthetic sense?

    1. No argument from me. Even worse is how tone-deaf it is. Just about everyone read “stay with us” as a pathetic plea to keep going to Mass, and the fact that the USCCB didn’t predict that shows they still don’t understand how angry and alienated everyone is.

      I have (and have expressed) plenty of severe criticisms for the bishops and for the pope, and I also think the rad trads are bonkers and awful. I want to live in a world where I can be equally angry at left-wingers and right-wingers because everyone is terrible.

  2. Thank you especially for the bit about Tony Esolen and the sweaty guys with the pole who are going to take a shower together.

      1. Absolutely. I have excellent recall for things I read; less excellent for things like “get daughter to Confirmation class on Monday.”

    1. I had the same response. It’s a sad statement on our times that something this funny could be reproduced without any changes whatsover at Crisis or Rorarte Caeli or any of a dozen Protestant sites and be taken completely seriously. In fact, I fully expect all those places to spill millions of pixels over that rainbow that Jesus stands on in the image.

  3. How did you not see the crescent moon beside the first mozzarella ball? A clear reference to our imminent Islamicization — which EVEN SIMCHA REFUSES TO ACKNOWLEDGE!

  4. How could you pass over this outrage?

    “Moving clockwise, we next encounter the smoke of satan. Extremely shocking, but there is not a lot to say about it.”

    This is a a clear reference to the antipope’s demonic encyclical Laudato si’, which condemns the economic miracle of capitalism, colonialism, and our God-given right to dominate nature, animals, and the environment under the false guise of condemning the Chinese hoax of global warming.

  5. The worst part is that they clearly press-ganged a five-year-old into making the graphic, which means CHILD LABOR. Deplorable! 😉

  6. Good grief- that is some exceedingly dense reasoning, not necessarily wrong but incredibly prone to other interpretations.
    Despite many decades of study I can’t quite agree but also can’t possibly disagree.
    Dear Mrs Fisher I really enjoy your writing about living a devout Catholic life and find most of your opinions stick well within doctrine but in this case I am completely unable to form an opinion. Well done good Lady you have silenced me.

      1. Is this weird comment any weirder than the whole post? The answer is no, it is not. Some of us can be weird and clever, like Mrs. Fisher, and some can’t, like some of us who are not so clever. We are left with merely weird.

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