The financial cost of NFP and FAM. Please take my survey!

Everyone knows that barely any Catholics use NFP, because it’s hard and it’s counter-cultural. But even among those who are ready and willing, there can be obstacles. One of those obstacles is money. I’ve put together a survey to get an idea of how much of a problem money is for people who use or want to use NFP. The survey is anonymous, and I will use the information in an article I’m writing. 

It’s not a scientific survey, but I’m hoping to get enough responses to give me an idea of what is common around the country and the world. You don’t need to be Catholic to take the survey! It has seven questions, is anonymous, and should take about two minutes to complete. I’d be very grateful if you could take the survey and share it on social media or with anyone who might be interested. Here’s the link, or you can use the embedded widget below.

Follow-up question: What other obstacles might prevent you from using or trying NFP, besides money? Distance? Opportunity? Childcare? Cultural attitudes? What else? 


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2 thoughts on “The financial cost of NFP and FAM. Please take my survey!”

  1. I do use NFP, but one of the things that makes it a big pain is that my instructor is hard to get in touch with to ask questions, set up appointments, etc. (and I know that if I wanted contraception I could schedule an appointment with a <5 minute phone call).

    1. THIS THIS THIS. And when she finally does get back to me, “oh gosh, I’m really not sure what’s going on either. You should probably just abstain.”

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