Keep It Light, Stand Your Ground, Salt the Earth, or Waldorf

So here is a Thanksgiving essay I wrote for an Australian audience, knowing it would be published after American Thanksgiving. Australians do not, of course, celebrate Thanksgiving, and even if they did, this piece is so intrinsically stupid, it would be stupid anywhere on the globe, at any time of the year. I thought I’d share it today, on Giving Tuesday, as a gift to you. You can read it and think happily to yourself, “At least I never wrote anything this stupid.”

You’re welcome

Image via Flickr from page 221 of “Pompeii, its history, buildings, and antiquities : an account of the destruction of the city with a full description of the remains, and of the recent excavations, and also an itinerary for visitors” (1867)


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6 thoughts on “Keep It Light, Stand Your Ground, Salt the Earth, or Waldorf”

  1. I can’t express how much satisfaction I got reading your 3 stages, then playing scenarios out in my head and having my own little laugh…in my head of course. You’re one funny chick Simcha.

  2. You always make me laugh. I mean, not when you’re trying to be serious! Then you make me think. And I can usually tell the difference.

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