Can you help this single mom with moving expenses?

Okay, good people! I know it’s Friday afternoon but I need some quick help for a friend.

My friend Jody needs help with moving expenses. She is a single mom with four kids who’s working two jobs (68 hours a week, last I heard) to support her family despite major health problems, including recent major surgery. This family has endured a horrific struggle with their landlord, who wouldn’t do basic repairs and then wouldn’t renew their lease. Jody miraculously found a new place to stay on a very tight deadline, but has no money to move and can’t even take a day off work to pack.

Can we pitch in and make this one thing easier for her? Any amount would be gratefully accepted! She’s a wonderful, loving mom and her kids (some of whom are my kids’ classmates) are awesome. I personally vouch for her honesty and integrity, and I know anything you donate will be spent well.

Jody’s CashApp name is: jojo5steele and her PayPal address is: I didn’t sent up a GoFundMe because I wanted to be able to get any donations to her asap.
Thank you so much. Please share if you can! 


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17 thoughts on “Can you help this single mom with moving expenses?”

  1. Simcha, I clicked on the link, but it’s just her email address; it doesn’t link to a paypal account. Unless I’m doing something wrong, I don’t see how to send money there.

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