Christendom College prof jailed on charges of sexually assaulting a child

A Christendom College professor emeritus is being held without bail after he was arrested on Friday on charges of sexually assaulting a child.

William R. Luckey, 72, is jailed at Rappahannock Shenandoah Warren Regional Jail on one count of solicitation of prostitution of a child under the age of 16, and two counts of indecent liberties against a child under the age of 15.

Luckey is listed as a professor emeritus on the school’s website. Luckey is a frequent writer for publications Faith and Reason, as well as the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty’s publication, The Journal of Markets and Morality. He has written on Catholic social teaching and the economy for Crisis Magazine, as well.

Luckey is listed as an adjunct scholar for the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, as well as a member of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars and the advisory board for the Center for Economic Personalism. 

The small Catholic liberal arts college in Front Royal, VA began awarding a William R. Luckey award for Political Science and Economics in 2015, when Luckey retired as a teacher. Two days after the arrest, Luckey was still listed on Christendom’s website as a Professor Emeritus. 

College representatives did not respond to requests for comment on Sunday. It is not known if or how the news of Luckey’s arrest has been conveyed to students and their families. It is also not clear if Luckey had been active on campus. 

Records indicate Luckey was arrested Friday evening by members of the Warren County Sheriff’ Department in Front Royal, Virginia. There is no case information currently available online through the Virginia Court system’s website, and law enforcement representatives were unavailable on Sunday.

Christendom President Timothy O’Donnell apologized in 2018 after we reported on the school failing women who had been sexually assaulted on campus. At the time, the school pledged to bring in experts to review the school’s policies and protocols dealing with sexual assault and harassment.  

The story will be updated as information becomes available. 

UPDATE June 28 Christendom College issued the following statement on their website:

Christendom College has learned that a former professor, Dr. William Luckey, was charged with sexual offenses late last week. The charges have no connection to the personnel or students of Christendom College. Luckey served as a professor from 1984 until his last class and retirement back in 2015. 

The college asks for the prayers of the community for the Luckey family and those involved during this extremely trying moment, as the legal process moves forward and more information comes to light.


Image: Booking photo of William Luckey from Rappahannock Shenandoah Warren Regional Jail


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138 thoughts on “Christendom College prof jailed on charges of sexually assaulting a child”

  1. The bulk of the comments here attack the blogger.
    This is the problem with militant catholics .
    Take your damned blinders off and look at the truth.
    By placing men on a pedestal without the realization that Jesus said they should be willing to lay down their lives for their wives, you get a tilted view of Christianity in which men can have their way in all things including sexual perversions.
    In the SSPX town of St Mary’s KS , there is a grossly disproportionate number of families reporting incest, compared to any other towns of the same number of populate.
    Load mama down with caring for babies ( only to prove your Catholicism) and you have a papa who feels ignored. Teach your men to zip it up for awhile ( deny their own overly prolific urges as did the Early Desert Fathers and the incest and perversions may drop off. Mothers may also be able to recoup their strength too. IMHO, unmarried priests are clueless how to guide couples in the confessional.

  2. THANK YOU, Simcha Fisher, for being an amazing voice for the unheard/too-scared-to-speak in the Christendom College community!
    Dr Luckey was also a CCD teacher when I was a kid, and even though all us little girls knew how gross and creepy he was, the broader community (adults) have loved and held him on a pedestal because of the fact that he taught at the college. I’m heartbroken for the children he has hurt, but so glad to see that at least he finally got caught. Unlike many others.

  3. Shaking my head at the hysterical attacks on Simcha. All these people who are so concerned about the image of their college are actually the ones making it look bad. If you don’t like Simcha, get your own conservative Catholic journalist to report on scandals in the community. Acknowledge problems quickly and stop trying to cover them up. Excessive concern with our public image is why the Catholic Church’s reputation is in the toilet. I can’t believe that people need this to be explained over and over.

    It’s relevant to mention Luckey’s status as a former Christendom professor and his connections to other Catholic organizations so that any other bad behavior can be brought to light. Just read the comment section! Alumni are already beginning to share more information:

    “I think most of us who went to school during the time he DID teach thought the school should do something about how inappropriate he was. But it was all deemed “harmless”.”

    It’s important to talk about whatever this “inappropriate” behavior was, since it was apparently the tip of the iceberg. As a teen, I read plenty of glowing articles in the Catholic press about how great Christendom was, which influenced my decision to go there. Simcha has no obligation to add to the pile and you all should be grateful that she cares enough about the “Catholic Bubble” to hold it accountable.

  4. Simcha,
    I’m curious why you inserted certain words and included specific information in your blog. Before I ask specific questions, I want to be transparent about the fact that I am a former student of Dr. Lucky and friends with his daughter. I was also a crime reporter for major news organizations for nearly 15 years and subsequently spent about a decade as a spokesperson for a federal law enforcement agency. Above all, I believe in justice and accurate and captivating storytelling.
    My first question is simple. Beyond the obvious reason for reporting the charges against Luckey (the public’s right to know, appealing to your obvious Christian/Catholic targeted audience, etc.), what is your motive for writing it? Were you on a self-imposed deadline?
    Secondly, when you wrote that Luckey was “still listed” on Christendom’s website as a professor emeritus were you implying that the college should have taken down his name when it learned of the arrest? A person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
    Thirdly, why did you include reference to O’Donnell’s 2018 apology? Were you trying to have readers make some connection between the school’s sexual assault policies and protocols and the Luckey case? In my book, mentioning it wasn’t relevant. At all.
    Lastly, did you consider collecting some quotes from people close to the case or experts on crimes against children? The latter would have provided more context about child sex offenders.
    I’m not a regular reader of your blog and we don’t know each other but I do hear about you when certain subjects arise. It causes me to wonder if reporting these topics a passion of yours or whether you have an agenda? I really don’t know and I’m asking in earnest. God bless. Mollie

    1. If you’re a crime reporter and knowledgeable about child sex abuse, you must know that your closeness to Dr. Luckey is going to make it really difficult for you to be objective. I’m sorry for what you and his daughter are feeling right now. I’ve been hit with similar revelations and you just feel incredible pain and emptiness.

      It would be more profitable for you to ask questions about the alleged crime than to interrogate Simcha Fisher about her “agenda.” You could start by reading this comment section, where another former student is saying “I think most of us who went to school during the time he DID teach thought the school should do something about how inappropriate he was.” They assert that Dr. L. grabbed students and forced them to sit on his lap, which certainly sounds suspicious.

      1. Hi Meredith,
        Let’s get this straight, nowhere in my comments did I defend Dr. Luckey’s alleged behavior. Read it again so that you comprehend what I wrote. Yes, read it again. And again.

        I clearly said I support the public’s right to know and Simcha’s targeting of her audience. I also said that I believe in justice and accurate storytelling.

        I question whether Simcha has an additional motive for reporting it because of the way she wrote it e.g., the language she used, the information she omitted, the information she included, her choice of word placement etc. I question her reporting.

        Be sure you understand this, Meredith, I did not interrogate Simcha. I asked in earnest. There is a big difference.

        My objectivity is healthy. I was transparent in my relationship status with the Luckey’s. Taking a class from Dr. Lucky 30 years ago does not mean I would I am feeling incredible pain and emptiness because of this alleged revelation. Being empathetic to both the alleged and victim (all involved) is more accurate of description. I want justice and I want accountable reporting. I’m not sure we got the latter and we will need to wait for the former.

        It would not be more profitable for me to ask about the alleged crime. I don’t rely on Simcha or any blogger to fill in the details of an alleged crime. I turn to the investigators for that. I read the charges and will see what happens in court.

        I hope you comprehend what I’m saying now. If not, I tried. Have a blessed day. Mollie

        1. Well, Mollie, what’s your motive for being so suspicious of Simcha’s motive? Your long list of questions comes off as passive aggressive.

          Come on. You obviously believe that Simcha’s motive is a hatred for Christendom College and a desire to link Timothy O’Donnell to Luckey’s alleged crime.

          Anyone who has read Simcha’s reporting about Christendom and followed her on Facebook knows that no, she does not like Christendom College very much. So what? Nothing she said in her post is untrue, and she didn’t accuse the college president of knowing about Luckey’s crime.

          Put on your crime reporter hat for a minute, Mollie, and think about why it would be useful to make sure that this crime story reaches former Christendom students and other people in the Catholic community who interacted with Luckey. Hmmm, could it be that abusers often have more than one victim? Could it be that other people are victims of Luckey or at least witnessed him doing something suspicious? Could it be that it’s important for these people to realize they’re “not the only one” and be able to share their stories?

          No, it must be that Simcha Fisher has some dark, secret motive that you’re leaving us all to guess at….

          1. Hmmm…..Meredith, don’t you have any compunction over the airing of the injury of young children? William Luckey only has so many grandchildren. Is this article just for their sake? That’s one of my hang ups about this article.

            Simcha, who was fired for extremely lewd remarks from the National Catholic Register, takes issues with institutions that do a pretty good job of encouraging traditional morality. Her attempting to connect this particular thing to Christendom comes across as bitter, unfortunately. And so the issue people are taking with the article is that, that she has basically revealed the alleged sexual assault of minors, without caring about whether those minors want this information about them posted on a blog with wide viewership, all so she can express some bitterness about the college.

            Regarding the value of letting other alleged abuse victims know there are others out there and encouraging them to come forward, well, when this article results in other credible allegations being presented, let us know.

  5. First of all, thanks for reporting this, it’s good to know because it’s happening in a somewhat significant Catholic place and a place very significant for me personally. It’s tough to have straightforward feelings around this – I knew Dr Luckey as a genial/jolly professor but only had him for one class. I went to Christendom. I’m enraged about anything happening to a child. I also don’t know a ton of details yet.

    If I’d offer any critique, it’s that the bio comes across as attacking Christendom, Mises, etc as if they’re connected to the crime and it would have been better to wait a day or two for the college to comment as it looks like you asked for comment on a weekend. Otherwise, this is something happening now, it would have gotten out, you didn’t make outrageous claims.

    Just a note on the very personal level of responses, by connecting the story so closely to Christendom, you’re hitting something raw for a lot of people. For many of us who went there, it was a second home or where they finalized their conversion or deepened their spiritual life, met their spouse, found their vocation, etc. Simcha, just keep that in mind because it’s behind the responses you’re getting, you’re striking at home. That said, as much as Christendom was home, it’s not pure or perfect. Friends have gotten harmed there and it’s good for that to be pointed out just like it’s good for the rot in the Church to be aired out right now. Otherwise, we’re complacent when those who are vulnerable are harmed and that’s how we’ve gotten along for too long in the Church.

    I know my response is a bit ambivalent and generic. I’m trying to come at this with a clear head but it’s tough when it hits close to home in a number of directions and, as I said, I just don’t know all the details.

  6. Did you look at the specific charges? It’s “indecent liberty with a child/grandchild.”
    The victim was a member of his own family.
    Their world, their family, their lives are falling apart and on top of it all, they now have the added pressure of public commentary.
    But hey at least you can score points against Christendom, right?

  7. I am very sorry for the victims involved in this case and will pray for them.
    I wanted to say something, though, because I’m blown away by the people who are insulting Ms. Fisher and saying all she does is grind axes against Christendom College. I’ve read everything Ms. Fisher has written on this website for the last several years and she mostly talks about home life, faith, her family, and food. She is pretty snappy, that’s part of the appeal to me. She doesn’t strike me as having an axe to grind against anything other than her cat.
    But just to double check, I counted how many articles she’s posted over the last 12 month period: 175.
    Number about Christendom College: 1 (this one)
    So that’s an axe-to-grind rate of 0.006.
    I think this says more about the people who hate her than about her.

    1. Don’t you think that’s kind of a straw man, claiming that all the critiques are saying that “all she does is grind axes against Christendom College.”

      That doesn’t seem to be the case from my reading. I think they’re point is that she appears to have an axe to grind that she grinds whenever she can, even at the expense of reason. In other words, Christendom has nothing to do with this case, but her critiques say she tries to make the connection because her only posture toward Christendom is animosity.

      Anyway, strawmen are fun to play with, but still make for bad arguments.

      And what is with this talking point and its various form? “I think this says more about the people who hate her than about her”?

      I mean, first of all, no one has expressed hate for Simcha whose comments I have read below. That’s a little strong of an accusation. Second, again, what’s wrong with pointing out an apparent bias, and encouraging others to actually make the principle “innocent to proven guilty” a meaningful principle?

  8. You a know them by their fruits. Simcha, you continously sow discord and anmisoty towards Christendom college. This is not a story about the college so if you wish to vent, do it elsewhere. Causing scandel and rash judgment are serious sins.

    If Dr. Luckey is proven guilty, then yes, justice must be met. Sexual abuse and especally of minors is beyond reprehensible. This is incredibly heartbreaking.

    However, attempting to link the crime (alledged or not) of one man to the nature of a college is abusrd. You might as well say the Catholic Church is evil and unsafe because there have been predators within. Or Jesus was a joke because of Judas. It does not help your credibility when you write.

    You know them by their fruits. There have been so many good and holy priests and religious to come from Christendom college as well as devout Catholics living out their faith. Of course, NOT everyone is perfect, but I think the fruits of the college are pretty evident.

    Again, if the point of this article is to report the incident and draw light to the justice that needs to be met and the prayers needed for the victim’s family, that is one thing. Again, sexual abuse is beyond sickening and absolutely reprehensible and should be punished. But please, for the sake of your own credibility, stop trying to drag GOOD through the mud along with the bad. That does NO one any good or justice.

  9. I’m not sure anyone believes “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” applies to every arrest in America, perhaps not even some suggesting so here. At this point, there are many questions yet to be answered. Let us follow the facts as they become known, and yes, pray for those involved, especially the victims.

  10. The irony of some of the comments under this is found in the laser focus of the concern being for the reputation of the school where Dr. Lucky worked and the distate for the author of the piece. Whether or not there is an axe to grind (justifiable or otherwise) is irrelevant. The fact that someone could learn this news, presumably alumni or fans of the school, and choose that as the most important take away to comment on, in itself does not reflect well on the school. Those that are doing so are having the opposite effect than intended without even realizing it. Calling out the author for naturally tying in a place that had a previous grave scandal of similar nature, and that Dr. Lucky had major influence at, instead of focusing on the fact that the man was arrested for sexual assault of a minor shows exactly how misaligned those priorities are.

    1. First of all, Dr. Luckey does not currently teach at Christendom, nor has he for some time. So to connect this with the college is absurd. But Fisher has some weird axe to grind with Christendom, hence the constant attempts to take down the school. Secondly, this is STILL America, where one is innocent until proven guilty. An arrest does not equal guilt. Third, your comment about those who commented negatively on the article reflecting poorly on the school – quite a leap in logic, don’t you think? You have no idea if they attended the school, and the only comments reflecting poorly on anyone are those who are so quick to condemn Christendom for something that isn’t even related.

      1. There are a number of people a reasonable person could be mad at reading this article. Symcha Fisher is not one of them. She, and other journalists, are often attacked for reporting on abuse on Catholic campuses and it needs to stop.

        Mr. Luckey should of course be presumed innocent.

        The clericalism that exists on theses campuses has fostered an environment that allows abuse to run undetected or worse with the faculty’s approval. Ms. Fisher should be applauded for her continuing efforts to expose this evil despite the repeated attacks.

        1. You wrote, “The community should, and no doubt will, rally around the innocent victim and provide any/every possible support.”

          Roflol…what kind of fantasy land are you living in where this happens for people who report sexual assault/abuse? Even if there is evidence – even physical DNA and a confession – people will continue to shun and not believe survivors.

        2. I’m sorry, Dave, is this supposed to have happened on campus? That is not clear from the story. If it did, OK. If it didn’t, then this isn’t about reporting on campus abuse.

      2. What stood out to me in the articles about Dr Luckey was his deep involvement with ‘fr’ Robert Sirico and his ‘Acton Institute’.
        Other people involved with Seton and Christendom have defended this perverted so called priest too. He has a long history of perversion and I find it hard to come to terms that so called “Catholics”who have had contact with him have not picked upon it.

        Having personally known the author of this piece below for almost forty years and who is a true Investigative Journalist, I have no doubts that all she presents is on target, which leaves me to wonder , what the HELL is wrong with you people calling yourselves ‘catholic’ while ripping others to shreds for reporting the truth? Certainly this is no way to defend the Faith !
        The author of the FACTUAL article above was also vehemently slandered for reporting the truth by Sirico’s friends in Front Royal , including the documented pedophile Fr Hermley.

        “Luckey is a frequent writer for publications Faith and Reason, as well as the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty’s publication, The Journal of Markets and Morality. He has written on Catholic social teaching and the economy for Crisis Magazine, as well.

        “Luckey is listed as an adjunct scholar for the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, as well as a member of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars and the advisory board for the Center for Economic Personalism.
        The small Catholic liberal arts college in Front Royal, VA began awarding a William R. Luckey award for Political Science and Economics in 2015, when Luckey retired as a teacher. Two days after the arrest, Luckey was still listed on Christendom’s website as a Professor Emeritus.”
        I think the Christendom College faculty and many of it’s grads must live in bubble filled with fog.

    2. Perhaps, John, this is precisely because the author herself focused zero attention, concern, or call for prayers on the possible victim(s), or the alleged criminal’s family, who is surely suffering greatly.

      No, she showed no charity toward any victim.

      Instead, she chose to focus on the college this man taught at years ago.

      The responses are just that, a reflection of the direction this blogger took her writing.

      1. Hold on there lady ! Did you actually read the Nws report on Luckey?
        Having friends whose three oldest daughters were molested by their high ranking KoC grandfather at ages 2,4 and 6, I can tell you that the most painful experience for their father was having to confront his own father for is actions. both he and his wife were asked not to tell their other adult children which they did not.Meanwhile the wife and the pervert husband spread terrible stories about their “Lying” grand daughters.
        That was over thirty years ago and the father of those once little girls has still not come to terms over his own now deceased father’s deceitful actions and words.

        Is this a NORMAL CATHOLIC response?

        “This isn’t what happened,” Julie Luckey told her husband of specific sexual acts described in one of the warrants, later adding, “It’s not like you raped somebody.”
        “No, it doesn’t say ‘Show me your hiney,’ Dr. Luckey seemed to laugh in response to his wife’s dispute over the content of the warrants. At another point in recorded conversations in the days after his arrest, Dr. Luckey told his wife his situation was a result “of 15 minutes of stupidity on my part.”

    3. I mean he hasn’t worked at the college in years. If Simcha was really concerned about his place of employment, isn’t it true that he has been active with the St. John’s dioceses’ education program? You tried to use this to associate the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, Acton Institute, the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars, the Center for Economic Personalism, and of course Christendom college with child sex abuse—but you missed the obvious target of St John’s parish and the Catholic Church proper. I mean that really makes it look like you are picking and choosing your targets carefully.

  11. Such a weak statement from the school. Absolutely no explicit support for the victims harmed. Just a weak “pray for the family.” This is absolutely insufficient.

    1. I had the exact same reaction. The poor Luckey family…and “those involved…” you mean the VICTIMS?

    1. Well, maybe. Simcha has actually actively fundraised for a false accuser before. Does that count as smoke where there may be fire? Does that mean she likely backs lots of false accusers?

      My point is that the cliche isn’t particularly helpful here, at least not until there’s a conviction and the alleged victims are vindicated. At that point, if that happens, it might be good to think that this was only the tip of an iceberg, and smoke indicating there’s more that has gone on before.

  12. Just a reminder that to make an arrest, there needs to be proof. Officers do not arrest someone for no reason. Especially when it comes to sexual crimes, there are a handful of tools investigators use to prove something actually happened (probable cause or less than proof beyond a reasonable doubt at best.)
    Some of these comments seem as if some are defending unjustifiable behavior. Even if you do not want to believe he is capable of doing such a thing, please refrain from speech that makes victims out to be liars. Let’s just pray for them and their recovery, because it will be a long road for them. You never know how something you say may affect others. God bless.

    1. So there have never been cases where they arrested the wrong person? Or cases that were false allegations? Gotcha.

      1. My only takeaway after reading all of Dr Luckey’s defenders here is that I am delighted we did not send our children to what sounds like just another catholic cult college and town.

    2. Being that it is his grandchildren who would be the victims, just say pray for the Luckey family. That includes everyone involved and the situation being worked out without accusing his grandchildren of lying. The whole Luckey family, who I know personally, is really having a difficult time with this.

    1. The research part wasn’t difficult, all she did was read the charges. No actual research. The difficult part was trying to find something wrong that Christendom did in this situation. She’s still trying to do that.

      1. I think most of us who went to school during the time he DID teach thought the school should do something about how inappropriate he was. But it was all deemed “harmless”. So we can’t pretend the school ‘couldn’t possibly have known!’ Because we all knew. Maybe not to this horrific extent- but no one who knew him at the college can be 100% shocked by these allegations.

        1. C.S. we share the same initials; just chiming in. Christendom is my alma mater and I was a protegee of Dr. Luckey’s, though I’ve repudiated most of what I was taught by him. Yes, some of the teachers in the department made me mildly uncomfortable/said inappropriate or at least questionable things but that is neither here nor there. What purportedly happened in this instance, if true, is monstrous. We don’t know the evidence, or culpability, or even guilt. But it is a blot on the community, including the college community. Let’s all pray for the victim, that she can heal from this assault on her innocence, as well as prayers for repentance if Dr. Luckey is in fact guilty.

        2. Disagree. I am 100% shocked.

          Something like this? Wouldn’t have imagined it possible.

          But cases like this are horrible and shouldn’t be exploited in order to score points in a vindictive campaign against people who are entirely innocent and completely uninvolved.

          In any event there is great irony here. Fisher’s previous narrative is that the Christendom/Front Royal culture protects abusers and shields them from prosecution.

          In this case, a prominent man who (allegedly) committed an act of abuse was immediately turned over to the police, and likely by his own family. If Fisher was capable of rational thought she would have recognized that this contradicts, rather than supports, her narrative.

          1. Christendom laughed and shrugged when this man pulled young students in to sit in his lap.

            It’s a pattern.

        3. What?? I haven’t heard anything bad about Dr. Luckey from students at Christendom. What were the complaints? I know a lot of people who went to Christendom when he taught and heard nothing negative. I also live in Front Royal and know him and his family. I haven’t heard anything bad about him.

  13. Since I regularly read print and online media from a variety of sources, I am familiar with the standard journalistic practice of reaching out to organizations for comment in order to get multiple sides of a story, and if comment is unavailable, reporting that to make clear that the attempt was made.

    Praying for his victim and for everyone who expects victims and their advocates to be more perfect than abusers.

    1. Yes — the victim here definitely needs our prayers. I’m a little stunned, although maybe I shouldn’t be at this point, that Christendom’s statement asks for prayers for the Luckey family and “those involved” — not even being willing to use the word “victim” or hell, even “alleged victim.”

      1. First of I have no idea on any details. As others have said, prayers for all involved is the only appropriate thing I can think of at this point. But one possibility you aren’t considering is perhaps this was a police sting operation and there isn’t actually a victim per se. An adult police officer pretending to be a child isn’t exactly a victim, even though crimes could have been committed. Again, I have no idea. But you’re assuming Christendom knows the details and should comment accordingly. This has nothing to do with Christendom other than they were his former employer. My thinking reading these comments is everyone needs to stop jumping to conclusions, judging each other on whether they are commenting or reporting appropriately and just pray for all involved.

        1. I agree that it has nothing to do with Christendom. And I also wondered the same thing about it being a sting but one charge does not fit that. And even if it was a sting it would still be horrible. But like you said, nothing actually to do with Christendom…

      2. To be fair, the charges sound like the alleged victim was a family member, so the “Luckey family” would include them. The person writing that statement has probably known Dr. Luckey for decades and probably cannot wrap their head around this situation. Everyone deserves a little grace.

        1. No, they don’t get the benefit of the doubt here. Luckey has been hugely influential, not just at Christendom but in Catholic society. This statement by the College is absolutely insufficient. They SHOULD have condemned, in no uncertain terms, sexual abuse of all kinds. They should have explicitly supported the victim.

          They did not. As a survivor of abuse and a Catholic (who has visited the Christendom and knows MANY alum), this is hugely disappointing.

        2. Yes. Has anyone considered that if the victim is indeed a family member, there’s a whole added layer to the tragedy, and now the spotlight is on them from this article while their entire lives are imploding?

      1. The facts include this man’s arrest, his involvement with Christendom and the college’s response.

        No one is saying he’s guilty, but an arrest implies that there is substantial evidence.

        1. No, substantial evidence isn’t the standard, only that there is probable cause. As explained in a reply to another comment:

          “probable cause is a pretty low bar. The next higher standard of evidence is typically “preponderance of the evidence.” Preponderance of the evidence is a standard that is met when you provide evidence that shows it is more than 50% likely the individual did what is alleged. Preponderance of the evidence is often described as “more likely than not the accusation is true.”

          Given that probable cause is lower than preponderance, that means probable cause means “more likely than not the accusation is false.”. But people are allowed to be arrested under it because, frankly, if it’s a 19% chance someone committed a particular rape or murder, well, as a society we’ve accepted that it’s better to get her off the street and be wrong than leave her on the street and be wrong.”

    1. How exactly does it hurt the college to point out that the alleged bad acts by one of their former professors doesn’t reflect negatively on that college?

      Does a mother who commits neonaticide reflect poorly on her place of employment?

      Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with Simcha pointing out he is a professor emeritus from Christendom. But I think people’s issues with the article here are two-fold: (1) they believe Simcha presumes guilt on the part of the accused, (not expressly said in the article but something that could be inferred, and it was clear from comments she’s made in this comment section she assumes he’s guilty) and (2) they believe Simcha is trying to impute some guilt to Christendom. I’m not sure (2) is as obviously inferred as (1), but it’s understandable to believe she’s trying to do that given Simcha’s history of grinding axes for Catholic colleges that have any standards of behavior stricter than “bring your own condom.”

  14. I hope, for the sake of everyone in his family, the community, and possible victims, that this is some terrible misunderstanding. Praying for everyone involved. Dr. Luckey was my favorite teacher in high school. Lord have mercy.

  15. I guess the presumption of innocence which is both a rule of natural justice and a reflection of the regard in which we hold the truth, does not apply to “reactonaries” and such like.
    Its also defamatory to suggest that any accusation against a former faculty member can somehow be laid at the feet of the school itself. This is yellow “journalism.”

  16. As I am not a journalist, I am therefore not familiar with protocol but, it would seem to me that “College representatives did not respond to requests for comment on Sunday” when the article is posted on the same day (end of the weekend mind you) seems a bit of a stretch. That’s all. It is likely that the school does not keep tabs on its former retired professors. It is likely that they found out about the charges when you did if not the next business day when they got your request. Jumping to conclusions serves justice to nobody, especially the victims. This article seems to be taking the problem (Dr. Luckey being charged, praying for the victims and seeking justice for them) and throwing it in the trash to simply attack the school/administration.

    1. Yep. I knew Fisher would jump on this the second she saw it. This has as much to do with Christendom as it does to do with Fisher herself.

  17. God have mercy! That poor child! This is so horrifying. I used to see that man around often while I lived in Front Royal after graduating from Christendom College. I feel sick to my stomach. Why are some of these people attacking the journalist for reporting this news?

    1. The truth is still coming out? She wrote this article too soon. This is also alleged, not guilty yet.

        1. Without some evidence, you mean, not proof. Unless you’re conflating the two. Don’t forget, all that’s needed is enough evidence to make us want to get the alleged perpetrator off the street, to be better safe than sorry. The amount of evidence needed to arrest someone is still only in the realm of “more likely false than true,” not “more likely than not”. The latter is the preponderance standard, which requires the evidence to show that something is more likely true than not. The former is the situation of people for whom the police have found probable cause to arrest, a much lower standard than preponderance. Again, probable cause is the “better safe than sorry” standard, which is pretty low.

          It’s important to get things right and not be too freewheeling about these things.

  18. Typical Simcha. Reporting without any evidence and just ready to take down Christendom at every chance she can get. Do you just live for the next opportunity to tear Christendom through the mud? Also your statement on Christendom representatives not commenting…on a Sunday is laughable. You have no evidence. Go back to blogging about cooking or whatever it is you try to write about.

    1. Actually, it’s people like you who drag Christendom through the mud. Sexual predators are everywhere — it’s how we respond that matters. You’ve chosen the “see no evil” response, which as we all know worked great for dealing with child abusing priests!

      Luckey’s alleged crime reflects only on him, while you and the other nasty comments reflect badly on the college.

      I’m not sure when I would have found out this news if Simcha hadn’t reported it. Keep on shooting the messenger though.

      1. Any reason you have to know this? You should also want the truth and facts. Things are still coming out. Simcha wrote too soon.

        1. No, she did not. He was arrested. Usually not done without good reason. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    2. Totally agree. I just don’t trust Simcha and I only see negative articles from her about Christendom too. Not a good journalist and writes before a lot of info. is out.

    3. It’s her MO. She did the very same thing the last time she tried to attack Christendom. Simcha, you seriously need a new hobby. This one is getting old.

  19. I appreciate the clarity provided by all the people circling the wagons and attacking the messenger. Your behavior makes it very clear how predators get away with their behavior in your midst.

    1. lol, Stephen, no one is defending the vile and disgusting man. They’re saying why is Simcha so quick to make stupid connotations as if Christendom is protecting him or something.

      There are lots of real issues at Christendom if Simcha actually wanted to do real reporting. but rather she prefers to drag its name through the mud so she cant get more clicks to her vulgar blog.

        1. ehhh, you don’t just get charged with 3 counts related to sexual assault of a minor with no proof so yeah, I’m pretty sure he guilty of it.

        2. It is a fact that he was charged with serious crimes. He hasn’t been found guilty, but it is still a fact that there was enough evidence to charge him, which is a damn high bar.

          1. Actually, probable cause is a pretty low bar. The next higher standard of evidence is typically “preponderance of the evidence.” Preponderance of the evidence is a standard that is met when you provide evidence that shows it is more than 50% likely the individual did what is alleged. Preponderance of the evidence is often described as “more likely than not the accusation is true.”

            Given that probable cause is lower than preponderance, that means probable cause means “more likely than not the accusation is false.”. But people are allowed to be arrested under it because, frankly, if it’s a 19% chance someone committed a particular rape or murder, well, as a society we’ve accepted that it’s better to get her off the street and be wrong than leave her on the street and be wrong.

      1. You wrote too soon. Things are still coming out. I live in Front Royal and know the Luckeys and know a lot less than this. Stop making Christendom look bad too. I have never seen anything positive from you about Christendom either. Dr. Luckey is also innocent until proven guilty. Give him that due process.

        1. “Due process” doesn’t mean not writing about the allegations and the arrest.
          The idea that you can’t write preliminary news stories because more information will come out later is absurd. That’s not how any news organization operates. You update the story later, or you write a follow up. You don’t just sit around and twiddle your thumbs

  20. I have to agree with Sarah on this one. It’s sad and disgusting to see Simcha and her band of troglodytes gleefully turning something so horrible into a “gotcha” moment at Christendom.

    1. There will come a day when Reactionaries take some damn responsibility instead of circling the wagons and narcissistically proclaiming their persecution whenever one of their own abuses. There will come a day when Reactionaries will face the fact that the trouble is not gays and libs, but abusers gay and straight, and enablers, conservative and liberal. But it is not this day! This day, you whinge!

      1. I’m sorry, what are you trying to say? That people can’t hold that the principle “innocent until proven guilty” has content that should affect how we approach accusations? In other words, there’s nothing reactionary or wrong about not calling alleged victims liars, saying that it is most proper to call them alleged victims, and not talking and acting like the accused is guilty prior to an admission or trial.

        Also, I’ll ask like I did elsewhere, if a woman commits neonaticide, does that reflect poorly on her place of employment, or former place of employment? That’s the concern of a lot here, that Simcha is sullying her reporting of facts by an unnecessary attack on something else.

  21. My family and I personally know Dr. L. We had him over for a nice family meal once. This is shocking to hear and read about. He was Jailed without bail??? What happen to innocent until proven guilty? We need more evidence and proof before slopping together an article.

    Seems like this piece of journalism is leaning towards a side. This should make the reader think that at all.

    Prayers are being said for you Dr. L!

    1. Predators are often charming, popular, even (in a way, in specific situations) compassionate and caring. Cardinal McCarrick. Bill Cosby. Marcial Maciel. Jean Vanier. The revelation of their horrific actions is often a deeply wounding betrayal to people who knew them.

      1. A man I counted as a friend pled guilty to crimes that get one’s name on a registry. We had no idea beforehand. I felt disgusted and betrayed. He was in our home! He shared meals with us! And now, if I ever see him I walk the other way. Maybe one day I’ll stop doing that. Maybe not.

        1. I was replying to SDG btw. Not saying “so true” to the krazy comments. “Innocent until proven guilty!” Yeah not the best reaction to sexual abuse against a minor.

          Replace William Luckey with Fr. James Martin, SJ and ask yourselves if you’d be so insistent on reserving judgment.

  22. Lmao you reach out to the school on a weekend and couldn’t get a response. This is why everyone hates journalists

  23. Sheesh, you guys need to slow your roll. I think Sarah was making the observation that Simcha has obviously got it out for cdom. Half of this article is a bio piece on Dr. L and the 2018 Dr. O apology. Zero substance. Sarah is making the point that we could get virtually identical information from the jail records. ButI guess that makes her a ‘rape apologist’ too? lol. I shouldn’t be surprise—-on Simcha’s personal website, a bunch of fan girls would ‘WHOOOOO!!!’ at any sort of denigratory cdom news.

    1. I should note that this comment is from Sarah using a different screen name. That’s one way to get people to agree with you, I guess.

      1. You conclude this because of an IP address? How do you know it’s not a roommate or family member? Your journalism efforts need some work, Simcha.

          1. Well, you just said that Sarah wrote Dominic’s comment. I’m sure she did not. So like I said, work a little harder on your journalism, Simcha.

          2. But okay, you’re right, maybe I jumped to the wrong conclusion, and it was two different people. Of course what this means is that there are two people, not just one, who think the correct response to a story like this is to attack the messenger. And you make three, and so many of the other commenters make more.

            1. I didn’t attack you. I said that you were wrong when you accused Sarah of writing Dominic’s comment. Is that too much for you to handle?

              1. No, Maria, I responded to you, so I’m handling it.

                I would like to encourage you to think about why your only comment here was directed at me, rather than at the topic we reported on. I don’t know if you’re affiliated with the school, but if you are, I encourage you to look at the pattern of several of the comments here, and think about whether the tone and content of them speak well of the school.

                1. Here’s how the logic works: Christendom is flourishing, it really bugs Simcha. A LOT > Dr. L is booked on Friday > *Simcha checks notes; ‘oh wait, I can make this Christendom’s fault too!’ > Writes article, hyperlinks to old article > JOURNALISM! > some people disagree with the article’s implication > *Simcha pulls out handbook: ‘yup, they are just as bad as sexual predators’ > Simcha’s minions, who also own the same handbook, follow suit

                2. You have a tendency to jump to conclusions and miss a few steps along the way.

                  This is seen in your accusation of Sarah, saying she was commenting under different names. You were wrong but instead of recognizing your methods are flawed, you want to deflect and ask why people aren’t commenting about some thing else.

                  Again, work on the journalism. In your comments and in your post.

                3. Maria, I did jump to a conclusion when I made a comment in a combox. You’re right. I did that, and immediately acknowledged it when someone pointed out my error. I’m not sure what else I can do to satisfy your displeasure on this issue.

                  Can you point to where we did the same thing in the article? Please be specific.

                4. Spot on, Dominic.

                  Simcha, is this a post about a jailed man or “the school” ? I’m confused by your comments that refer to “the school” and question whether I’m affiliated with said “school” when the article is ostensibly about a man jailed on three charges pending trial.

      2. It’s not, Simcha, but good journalistic work. Exactly gets at my original point. Keep jumping that gun.

        1. Well, I followed up on my comment and acknowledged that I was probably wrong. Likewise, I will follow up on the story of the man who is currently jailed for sexual assault of a child. Thanks for reading.

          1. “Christendom students telling me I’m a hack, sure.
            Christendom students saying “fuck u dumb bitch,” fine. Christendom students reflexively defending men accused of sexual assault, expected.
            Christendom students leaving comments and then switching screen names to leave other comments agreeing with their first comments… now that’s just funny.
            [adding to add a comment I made below:
            Okay I’m fairness, someone has pointed out that that the two screen names could be people who share an IP address. I’m a bit dopey and that hasn’t occurred to me. Of course what this means is that there are two people, not just one, who think the correct response to a story like that is to attack the messenger. Which isn’t really better.]” -Simcha Fisher

            Oh Simcha, your professionalism is really front stage and center on this one. The criticism that people have is that you are grasping and any straw you can to push your “I hate Christendom” agenda. You are labeling all who went their and using everything you can to slander it’s name even if people are hurt in the process. When I say you ‘jumped the gun’, I mean you are taking someone’s family and using this to point a finger at Christendom College before you even stop to think about the victims involved. Thanks to you the victim(s) might be under a spotlight now because you are intentionally linking the Christendom network to this scenario. Then keep trying to create this illusion that Christendom students like to harbor rapists. Shame on you.

            1. And half a dozen comments in, Sarah suddenly discovers that there’s a victim.

              My work is solid. This is a news story which is relevant, important, and accurate. Your responses have done nothing but demonstrate how predators flourish. I don’t have anything else to say to you.

              1. Then don’t say anything else to me, but nothing I’ve said has in anyway defended any actions or pointed out anything other than your opinion piece is making biased jumps that is pointing to an altering motive, and how you choose to deal with this is trying to label any person that has a problem with your approach as having perpetuated a culture of rape.

                1. It was not an opinion piece, and I didn’t label anyone as anything. It was a straight piece of factual reporting. You are objecting to words I did not write and statements I did not make.

              2. Simcha you did write that Facebook post on your page labeling Christendom students and the scenario of me specifically on this comment section, that was an assumed projection on your part. You did just say that I “suddenly discovered there was a victim” when my first comment mentioned the families involved and how you should’ve had the curtesy to wait because of the families involved and a lack of any constructive information. You just said it’s my “responses that demonstrate how predictors flourish”. Read what you’ve written, Simcha. You post is an opinion piece because nothing in the original piece hold any facts except for the initial arrest allegations but you still have to reel in Christendom and that is biased.

  24. Another example that shows miss busy body has nothing better to do with her life except try and exploit others. This is someone life and family, she’s acting like she has some kind of scoop when there is no information out to the public. Oh and don’t forget her typical twist that everything is somehow “Christendom College’s” fault. What’s funny is when the arrest happened we’ve all just made our guesses to when “Sicha Fischer” will do her typical song and dance, she really jumped the gun on this one.

    1. Wow, thanks for reminding us how the abuse coverups were able to happen. Some people will never learn that transparency is a good thing. As a Christendom alum I want to hear important news whether it’s good or bad.

    2. May want to look up the information on the Rappahannock Shenandoah Warren Regional Jail website. Author post your sources. Complainer do your own research ffs. Took 2 google searches and a jail search to find it. Hope his family that he abused is ok.


        Here’s the link to the jail tracker provided by the county. He is indeed being held without bail for soliciting sex from a minor, and other indecencies against a child under age 15.

        On a related note, Sarah Ginski, I myself and several other women I knew at Christendom were raped, assaulted, or stalked while the Student Life organization did nothing. We remember how you people treated us. So I’m not surprised at all to see you jumping up and down to defend a child rapist. Hope you can sleep at night.

        1. Amelia, on account of the fact I am not defending anyone just have a problem with poor journalism I sleep well.

          1. Sarah, I wanted to apologize for my earlier comment. It was late and I was very upset when I made that comment. I shouldn’t have accused you of defending him, this really just hit a sore spot for me as should be obvious. Having had time to think and calm down, I do agree that this piece jumped the gun somewhat and I wish Simcha had gone to a journalist instead of rushing to publish this. I feel very strongly about the fact that Christendom has a history of protecting abusers and rapists and that has not changed. But I wish I had taken time to calm down a bit before commenting.

            1. Amelia, I appreciate you apology, I think that those topics can have a place for discussion and this piece is not that and shouldn’t have been used to push that narrative, that’s what is upsetting and disappointing.

      2. Greg, I did. All that’s public is the charges, there is no information on anything else. Her article was repeating the minimal information out and adding the typical “this is perpetuated at christendom” narrative.

      1. The at least 100 religious and thousands of happy alum who are out in the world being amazing catholics?
        Or the one random ass old dude?

    3. Wow, not one word in support of the victims of this man. It’s disgusting how so many people here are defending a predator. You all would rather be attacking the journalist.

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