Due to knuckleheadedness on my part, baby shower is still on!

As my previous post demonstrates, we are exactly the kind of people who should be having more children. Luckily for you, we not only are having another girl, but we honestly truly really still haven’t settled on a name yet. The due date is Feb. 26.

Luckily for me, Rebecca Frech of Shoved To Them is hosting a vitual baby shower for me, where you can leave your suggestion for a baby name.

name the baby

Yarr, I totally forgot that I was supposed to pick a winner, and I totally forgot to mention that dear Rebecca is offering a $15 Starbucks gift card as a prize! I blame the baby.

So, how about if I choose a winner this coming Friday? So please stop by and make a suggestion! The names we’ve already used are:

Lena Mary
Dora Fidelia
Clara Petra
Moses John Paul
Elijah Trinity
Sophia Mercy
Lucy Hope
Irene Penelope
Benedicta Maribel

And in the meantime, if you were moved by the spirit to maybe throw a few dollars my way, I’d be very grateful. Rebecca has a PayPal button on her blog. (Thank you, so much, to all the generous folks who have contributed so far! I have send thank-you notes to everyone using the email address provided by PayPal, so I hope they all went through.)  We are set for clothes and diapers, but not so much for the paychecks I’ll be missing while I recover. I get as much maternity leave as my boss thinks the organization can afford. Unfortunately, I am a freelancer, and I’m my own boss, and my human resources policies are downright inhumane. Is outrage! Don’t put up with this kind of shabby treatment of American motherhood! And so on.



A baby shower! For me!

Ideally, I’d love to meet all of you in person, offer you some sheet cake covered with pink, Crisco-flavored icing rosebuds, make you play humiliating games involving the sniffing of diapers, and then you give me presents. Doesn’t that sound nice?

But since I am here and you are there, the lovely and intrepid Rebecca Frech is hosting a vitual baby shower for me over at Shoved to Them.

Is it a Texas thing to have alcohol at baby showers? Because she’s got alcohol (or a recipe, anyway).

hot chocolate drink

  image by Nonie via Wikimedia Commons

And she’s got a game which doesn’t require you to sniff anything, and which will actually be really helpful to me. Also at the post is the video debut of Little Miss Unborn Fisher 2015. If you have a moment, stop in and sign the guest book!

And, yikes, this is awkward, but free lancers don’t get maternity leave, so if you have a few dollars to spare, a contribution would be most welcome (Rebecca includes a PayPal link, or you could use the one on my right sidebar). Oddly enough, being pregnant with baby #10 when you are forty years old is not as easy as it sounds; and because not even Catholics want to spend good money to watch a walrus-shaped woman standing behind a podium and crying, I made the prudential decision to cancel some speaking engagements that I had been counting on for income in 2015. So a PayPal’d baby gift will go a long way to helping us through while I give birth and recover. My hope is to keep blogging pictures while I’m on maternity leave, so as not to leave this space languishing.

Thanks for considering it! And do check out Rebecca’s blog, even if you can’t or don’t feel like throwing a few bucks my way.