Happy two weeks, baby Corrie!

Two weeks old!

Here is Corrie having a little snuggle and a big yawn:
photo (36)


A moment of deep thought:

photo (35)


and a little bit of friendly hazing:

photo (37)


Listening very carefully to everything I say:

photo (39)


And a schnoogly woogly woogly nap:

photo (33)


Oh, those baby lips!

photo (32)


Oh, those hairy werewolf ears!

photo (34)


Here we decided to see who could do the best Corrie face. Entry 1 (The Seeker After Truth):

photo (40)


Entry 2 (The Transient Anguish):

photo (43)


Entry 3 (The Renegade Hand)

photo (41)


Entry 4 (Babies Are Dopes):

photo (42)


Entry 5 (Toddlers Don’t Understand This Game But Enjoy Having Their Pictures Taken):

photo (44)


This pretzel is unrelated, but I found it on the wall and I feel like I need to tell someone:

photo (45)


One more look at Corrie’s Neck of Magnificence:

photo (46)


And another baby yawn, not that any of my readers enjoy seeing photos of yawning babies:

photo (47)


Happy two weeks, Corrie, you happy, lovely baby!


Happy one week old!

Dear Corrie slept last night. Not all the way through, but enough that I don’t have clear memories of what happened last night, which is a very good thing! Here are a few views of the little lady at one week old:

milk drunk

milk drunk


a bouquet of little toeses

a bouquet of little toeses


photo (29)

Why do they keep talking to me when they could be feeding me?


Happy birthday week, sweet Corrie! We’re so glad you’re here.

Life with darling Corrie

She’s five days old and doing great! We’re all doing fine. Lots of ups and downs as usual (hint: it’s wonderful to be back at Mass after missing last week, but I wish I had remembered to bring tissues for the reading about Abraham and Isaac. Yeesh), but she has figured out how to nurse, I remember how to put onesies on babies, and we’re all settling in. Here are a few pics of the last few days.


IMG_20150228_152556772 (1)

Corrie meets my parents (who now have 41 grandchildren)


photo (24)

Corrie meets Damien’s mom and her cousin Eve


boomer baby (1)

and Corrie meets the dog, who THINKS SHE SMELLS VERY VERY INTERESTING. (If I had seen this picture before I was a dog owner, I’d think, “Holy cow, how irresponsible! He may be a good dog, but he’s still an animal!” Well, Boomer was born to protect little girls. Other than eat and poop and chase his tail, that is the one thing he has done consistently and tirelessly since the day we got him. He loves her with all his doggy heart, and can’t bear it when we do monstrous things like wash her ears. So, relax! He is a very good dog.)

In no particular order, here are various people enjoying being with Corrie:

photo (18)

silly faces with Lucy


photo (19)

snuggle with Clara

photo (20)

snuggle with Elijah

photo (21)

I sit on the couch and feed the baby, and Benny brings snacks, one for me and one for her.

photo (22)

Benny advances the theory that maybe Corrie can fly with her ears.


photo (26)

Wet hair! I say!

photo (27)

Clean baby has a real belly button now, and we even found the stump this time (bleh).

photo (28)

and Benny the bath helper has clean fingers and clean toes, too.

Well, that’s the general idea! Damien went back to work Friday, the kids went back to school today, and I fully intend to get dressed at some point today. I probably won’t write up a birth story, unless I keep dreaming about it and need to put it somewhere. Giving birth sucks, the end. But here is a truly wonderful baby to keep, so hooray!

Skeptical baby thinks maybe this Mama will do.

Skeptical baby thinks maybe this Mama will do.


Introducing Cornelia Roxane Fisher!

Born Wednesday morning, 10 lbs., 1 oz., 22 inches long, nice and pink:

photo (17)


She is exquisite.

baby blanket

Here she meets Benny:

photo (16)

Here she is joining some of the rest of the sisterhood (note how Benny is the first to discover her charming little toes):

photo (14)

And here is a little video where nothing much happens except a little, little girl does her elegant, anemone ballet. She is about twelve hours old here, and this is her basic daytime personality, calm and alert:

She is very responsive, but placid, and she is our heart’s delight. I’ll have more pictures up later. We came home Thursday morning and are having a good day with nothing on the schedule but taking turns holding her, admiring her hairy ears, her silky cheeks, her sweet smell

photo (15)

and of course her no-neck. She is called Corrie, Coco, Nellie, Rocky and sometimes Benny (oops). We are so grateful for everyone’s prayers and good wishes! More later . .

Due to knuckleheadedness on my part, baby shower is still on!

As my previous post demonstrates, we are exactly the kind of people who should be having more children. Luckily for you, we not only are having another girl, but we honestly truly really still haven’t settled on a name yet. The due date is Feb. 26.

Luckily for me, Rebecca Frech of Shoved To Them is hosting a vitual baby shower for me, where you can leave your suggestion for a baby name.

name the baby

Yarr, I totally forgot that I was supposed to pick a winner, and I totally forgot to mention that dear Rebecca is offering a $15 Starbucks gift card as a prize! I blame the baby.

So, how about if I choose a winner this coming Friday? So please stop by and make a suggestion! The names we’ve already used are:

Lena Mary
Dora Fidelia
Clara Petra
Moses John Paul
Elijah Trinity
Sophia Mercy
Lucy Hope
Irene Penelope
Benedicta Maribel

And in the meantime, if you were moved by the spirit to maybe throw a few dollars my way, I’d be very grateful. Rebecca has a PayPal button on her blog. (Thank you, so much, to all the generous folks who have contributed so far! I have send thank-you notes to everyone using the email address provided by PayPal, so I hope they all went through.)  We are set for clothes and diapers, but not so much for the paychecks I’ll be missing while I recover. I get as much maternity leave as my boss thinks the organization can afford. Unfortunately, I am a freelancer, and I’m my own boss, and my human resources policies are downright inhumane. Is outrage! Don’t put up with this kind of shabby treatment of American motherhood! And so on.



Help me name my baby!

Oh, fun! Sancta Nomina is a blog devoted to Catholic baby names, and the author has devoted an entire post to our dear Shrimpy, who is still known as Shrimpy, even though my due date is Feb. 26. Which is soon.

I love talking about names! Check out the blog and leave a suggestion. I’m not even kidding; we really need help.

Benedicta Maribel

Born at 12:02 a.m. Dec. 8. She is 8 pounds, 14 ounces. Both baby and Mama are doing great.