Robin’s Handmade Goatmilk Soap! 18 new varieties

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You’ve heard me sing the praises of my friend Robin’s handmade soap. Her Etsy shopis now open for November, and has listed a whopping eighteen new soaps — many molded into lovely designs.

soap home sweet home madonna

Robin’s soaps are just beautiful — especially the multi-colored bars. They are like little works of art.

soap chocolate orange

They smell wonderful, they are creamy and lush, and they last much longer than any soap I’ve ever used. The ingredients are great for people with sensitive skin.

I have my favorites (I’m partial to Sunshine Yuzu — so cheerful! — and my husband likes the plain goat milk bars for his winter dry skin)

soap yuzu flowers

but I’ve never hit a bad soap from Robin’s workshop. Here’s a list of the new varieties:

1.) Cedar Bay
2.) Spiced Mahogany
3.) Sunshine Yuzu (a favorite of many!)
4.) Eucalyptus Mint (100% essential oils)
5.) Lemon Cake
6.) Energy!
7.) Blackberry Sage
8.) Chocolate Orange (LISTED 2 November)
9.) Frankincense & Myrrh
10.) Lemongrass (100% essential oils)
11.) Mahogany (is like the Men’s Cologne)
12.) Chocolate Mint
13.) Rosehip Jasmine
14.) Patchouli Lavender (100% essential oils)
15.) Summer Lilac
16.) Home Sweet Home (was my #1 best seller among friends and family between 2002 and 2012, before I opened up Robin’s Soap Shoppe. I finally made it again, after several years)
17.) Lavender Madonna & Child only
18.) 100% Goat Milk Madonna & Child

Robin’s a single mom who’s treading a long, difficult road. She’s a hard-working, proud Army vet who really wants to support herself, despite her many health problems. Please consider checking out her Etsy shop. Her soaps make wonderful stocking stuffers or little gifts for friends, family, teachers . . .

Plumeria, pomegranate, sandalwood rose . . .

My dear friend Robin, owner of Robin’s Soap Shoppe, has put several of her beautiful, lush, spirit-lifting soaps on sale for five days.

Here are a couple of the soaps I have my eye on — each discounted to only $5 for a generous-sized bar which lasts about four to five times as long as a typical store-bought bar (I’m not making that up. The delicate, moisturizing goat milk soap bar that we opened around Christmas is still chugging along!):



soap plumeria

Is this not the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen? Here is Robin’s description:

This is a tropical flower scent that bring a little bit of spring into your home on those cold winter days. The smell makes you want to wander onto the nearest plane and go island hopping. It’s a sweet ambrosial nectar that is sure to please the most discerning nose.



soap pomegranate black currant

The only issue I have with Robin’s soaps is that they all look and smell so delicious,but we’re not allowed to eat them. Not fair! Check this one out:

Pomegranate and Black Currant. This idea for this soap is based on a delicious juice that is found at many health food stores. This blend has tart Pomegranate notes, enlivened by citrus zest and intertwined with juicy Black Currant notes with just some light hints of soft florals and leafy greens to give the fragrance depth. It is a surprisingly sweet blend, almost as if the Pomegranates and Black Currants were sugared prior to blending.


Here’s one I haven’t tried yet, but just the name makes me weep for summer:


soap sandalwood rose

Sandalwood Rose. Relax and unwind. Sandalwood Essential Oil relaxes and soothes the mind. Rose Essential Oil calms to bring balance and harmony. Beautifully adorned with Lavender Flowers, Rosemary, Red Rose Petals, and Yarrow Flowers

Robin has a wide selection —  over forty items — of soaps and salves, all handmade with great care from the best ingredients – and, as I mentioned, many on sale for five days only. Many are molded into decorate shapes, all are lovely. Every purchase you make will be tremendously helpful and uplifting to Robin, who is a single mom and an Army vet, who struggles mightily to support herself against odds that most of us only face in nightmares.

If you need a small present for someone, or if you’re just in the market for something to help you through winter’s dreary slog, do check out this shop! I’m not a partner or anything; I just love Robin and her soaps, and I think you will, too.

Best. Soap. Ever.

Can I be a terrible, horrible person and remind you that it’s almost Halloween, which means it’s almost Thanksgiving, which means it’s almost Advent, which means you will soon be looking at the calendar in disbelief and realizing that you need small but thoughtful presents for any number of people, and you have no idea what to get them?

Be not afraid! (See what I did there, JPII?) Robin’s Soap is here.




You may remember Robin’s Soap Shoppe from my brief brush with glory, when I sang the definitive boozy mom version of “Let It Go” in retaliation gratitude for the wonderful fundraising you guys did, to help Robin’s business get off the ground.

You can read some background on Robin here. Synopsis: super hard-working single mom, proud Army vet, trying like hell to support herself despite having no car, an unstable living situation, and debilitating arthritis and chronic anxiety.

Lucky for you, she also makes magnificent soap.


A layered soap made with lavender buds, rose clay, kelp, coffee grounds, calendula, great for stubbornly dirty hands, scented with rosehips and jasmine. 100% naturally colored.

A layered soap made with lavender buds, rose clay, kelp, coffee grounds, calendula, great for stubbornly dirty hands, scented with rosehips and jasmine. 100% naturally colored.


So if you want to help her and her sweet family out, it will be the lushest act of charity you’ve ever considered. And if you have no interest in supporting a nice lady and just want some wonderful soap, you’re still covered!

I’ve tried several varieties of Robin’s soap, and it is truly exceptional: dense, creamy, and fragrant, beautiful to look at, generously sized and heavy in the hand. They are easy on your skin, and they last like crazy.

You guys. This soap makes my kids want to bathe.


Frankincense and Myrrh Soap

Frankincense and Myrrh Soap


Robin has sensitive skin and so is very, very choosy about which ingredients she uses in her soap (each product has all the ingredients listed). My husband (WHO IS NOT A FANCY SOAP KIND OF GUY. AT ALL.) said that it’s the only soap that really relieved his dry skin. Many are made with goatmilk, which produces the loveliest, gentlest suds you could want.


Simply Goatmilk

Simply Goatmilk


Robin’s stock is constantly changing, so it’s a great idea to check back often and see what lovely concoctions she’s invented.

There are 18 handmade soaps available right now, including:

  • Pumpkin Lager Beer Soap
  • Oktoberfest Bier Soap
  • Cherry Almond
  • Baby Yourself with Lavender (owl or kitty shapes)
  • Baby Yourself with Lavender (flower shapes — and wouldn’t these pretties make gorgeous favors for weddings or showers??)


these have a "just-picked-from-the-garden" lavender scent

these have a “just-picked-from-the-garden” lavender scent

  • Frankinsense and Myrrh Soap
  • Baby Yourself with Lavender (Madonna and Child soap — oooh, CHRISTMAS PRESENT!)

robin soap madonna and child

  • Pink Grapefruit Soap
  • Simply Goatmilk Soap
  • Sexy Man Lightly Scented Soap

Soaps listed now range in price from $3 to $7.

Please note, handmade soap takes weeks to cure, and for a start-up business with a razor-thin margin, it is vital for Robin to get orders as soon as possible, so she can continue to buy supplies, so she can continue to make soap! So please, if you’ve been meaning to check out her product, don’t put it off! The only downside to this plan is that, if you buy Christmas presents now, you will have to exert herculian self-control to avoid using this soap yourself.

Also, please note that I now have an ad for Robin’s Soap Shoppe on my right sidebar. The ad was generously designed and produced as a gift from Jen Raiche of Sidekicks Marketing. Thanks, Jen! If you have a blog or website, please consider donating some ad space to Robin! Contact me at simchafisher [at] gmail [dot] com and I will get you set up. Thanks for considering it!

And please, even if you can’t buy some soap right now, share this post, or a link to Robin’s shop, wherever you can on social media and among friends. Robin’s gotnothing but good reviews, and I never promote products that I don’t genuinely like.