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First, our beloved Jen Fulwiler is stable, but not out of the woods yet.  She was back in the hospital, but has since been sent back home (or at least that was the plan last I heard).  BUT, life is going to suck for the next several months.  She says she can only breathe when she’s sitting still like a statue, and while she and her unborn baby boy are not in immediate danger, SHE CAN’T MOVE.  So, going home: yay!!!!  Figuring out how to live, take care of five little kids, and just deal with the normal stress of being pregnant plus knowing that your lungs are full of dangerous, unpredictable clots:  . . . I don’t even know what to say.

Jen says, “I can’t remember a time I felt more peaceful or closer to God than I do now,” and she attributes this to your prayers. and she reminds us to pray for another pregnant mom of many, who is in the hospital on bedrest.

And Jen’s longtime friend Hallie Lord has set up a PayPal account to help Jen’s family out.  As you know, money can’t buy happiness, but not knowing how you’re going to pay for stuff while you’re horribly sick can certainly buy unhappiness.  So, if you have a prayer or few spare bucks, you know where to send ‘em!  Also, they are setting up a Care Calendar account to make sure Jen’s family gets meals — more details on that when I get them.

Second, Susan Windley-Daoust, who blogs  as The  Ironic Catholic, is selling some of her family’s “overstock” items — so far clothes, but soon books and toys.  Gymboree, Land’s End, great prices, excellent cause!  Take a look!

Third, here


is a fellow who has attached a camera to the end of his trombone, if you know what I mean.  (If you’re on Facebook, you can see the video here.; or you can go to his site and scroll down a bit to “GoPro Camera on Trombone.”)  1:46 long.  Start your Monday right.

Fourth, I’m collecting your favorite “March for Life” stories.  Funny, moving, unexpected, disastrous — I’ll take ‘em all.  Short (a paragraph) is best.  If you want to share, please email me at simchafisher @ gmail . com

Fifth, boy, do we need the graces of Epiphany right now.  I guess I’m asking for all kinds of prayers:  regarding health concerns in one family member’s family, health and travel concerns in another, worries about kids in another.  A sweet Facebook friend, Kelly Davignon, just gave birth to a tiny, sweet girl, Anna, at 29 weeks.  Kelly is in lots of pain, and baby Anna is in the NICU.  Here is the Meal Train for Kelly’s family in Grand Junction, CO. 

And it occurred to me that doctors and health workers could probably use some extra prayers right now.  My husband’s doctor said that his empty schedule became double-booked in a matter of minutes on the day that we went in (and my husband is doing much better, thanks!).  People are dropping like flies, and doctors must be exhausted.

Sixth, I still haven’t uploaded the Christmas pictures, but here is a picture of Benny on Dec. 8, the day she turned one:

benny birthday grin

Love dat baby.

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