Q and A about the pope!

I don’t know if Dorian Speed of Convolare Designs ever gets tired of hearing how much her name sounds like a superhero name, but just in case she doesn’t:  one of her powers is building an excellent and useful website in the blink of an eye.

Her latest effort is Electing the Pope, where you can find answers to all your questions about the papacy and the upcoming papal election.  I have been assiduously avoiding the secular news coverage of this topic, because I finally stopped grinding my teeth at night and I don’t want to start during the day.  So I’m very happy to have a central clearinghouse with accurate and relevant information.

Electing the Pope is a collaborative effort with twenty (and growing) teachers, authors, and catechists.  It’s in an easy-to-read Q-and-A format, and will be very helpful for Catholics who need more information, or for any interested party who wants actualaccurate information.

One great feature:  you can submit a question to be answered on the site.  Thank you, Dorian, for putting this together!

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