Is there something wrong with me

. . . that I do not find this irritating at all?

It sounds like a cross between one of those nutty medieval instruments — what is it called, a flageoblat or something —  and those straw kazoos we used to make.  You know how to do that, right?  Just bite down on the end of a plastic drinking straw to flatten it, cut the corners off to make a “reed” to vibrate against itself, and blow hard.  Yeah, like this:

With some experimentation, you can figure out where to cut holes to play an octave.

You can also make a straw trombone — just slightly crush the end of one straw until it fits inside another.  Cut a mouthpiece in the end of the outer straw, and slide the other straw in and out the other end as you blow.  IT IS FUN, okay?

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