Pregnant with the light of the world

Today, I’m sharing a few pieces by a talented amateur artist, Teresa von Teichman.

Above, we see our dear mother in a stance that every pregnant woman will recognize! Scholars can argue whether or not she suffered pain in childbirth, but I think it’s a sure thing that her back hurt at some point. She also looks very young, as she must have been in real life; and I love how the stars that form a crown around her bow down with her tired head, and she contemplates the hidden light that waits inside her.

Teresa says:

I just became captivated by the thought of Our Lady being pregnant with Our Lord, the Light of the world. After visiting Medjugorje, Bosnia last year, I have grown more in love with Mary and Jesus than ever before! I am a 22 year old university student who strives to live every moment for greatness, I love a good book, and I work as a part time bartender. I love learning about Mary and am especially fascinated by her many varying images and interpretations. Drawing is just a hobby of mine, all for the glory of God!

Here’s another of Teresa von Teichman’s renditions of the pregnant Mary:

[img attachment=”85200″ align=”alignnone” size=”full” alt=”teichman mary 2″ /]

In this colored drawing, Mary’s Semitic features are more pronounced, and she is surrounded by roses — complete with thorns, as a foretaste of her sorrows to come.

Finally, here is Mary nestled within a bower of roses and thorns:

[img attachment=”85202″ align=”alignnone” size=”full” alt=”teichman mary 3″ /]

Here she is — if I remember right — at the stage of pregnancy where she feels like there is no end of her. The colors in this piece illustrate the intensity of the final days of pregnancy, when the outside world fades to a haze and it is almost impossible to think of anything else besides the child.

Thank you, dear mother, for saying “Yes” to the angel. Thank you for carrying that Baby, for bringing His light into the world, for suffering his passion and death, and thank you for being our mother.

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