What’s for supper? Vol. 59: You made a yummy sound.

Aw, I’m in a rush and can’t find my What’s For Supper? picture with Irene threatening a pie. Add it to my list of things that are making my new site look polished and professional!

Here’s what we had to eat this week:


I was out of town, so my husband put these together. The kids marvelled at how much cheese Daddy uses. Now you know why I married him, kids. That and his beautiful eyes. But mainly the cheese.

Bacon, egg, and brussels sprouts; crescent rolls

Hear me out. You put a bunch of cut-up raw bacon in a pan with a bunch of halved brussels sprouts, along with balsamic, honey, olive oil, and garlic. You cook ’em up reeeeeal nice. And then you pull out the pan and you crack a bunch of eggs into the pan, sprinkle on red pepper flakes and parmesan, and cook it some more! Recipe from Damn Delicious.


I made this with two pounds of bacon, four pounds of brussels sprouts, and a dozen eggs. I could easily have made twice as much. And eaten it all myself. But really, I think eleven out of twelve Fishers ate it, all making yummy sounds the whole time.

It was fantastic, so savory, just spicy enough.

In the back of the fridge lurked a few cans of crescent rolls left over from that time I made an army of mummy hot dogs, so I dragged those out and made some misshapen dough hulks, and then burned them all. It’s a special charism I have.


We also served pomegranates, which are fast becoming our favorite thing to gnaw on while nodding at each other across the room and agreeing, “They’re so cooling to the tongue!”

Ham, string beans, potato tostones

HAM NITE!!!!!!!! My seven-year-old remarked that this meal was like something in a fairy tale. Note to self: find out what she’s been reading lately.


I had super high hopes for the potato tostones, which were featured in the New York Times several times. You steam some small potatoes, then flatten them between your palms, then fry them up in oil. Maybe I made them wrong, but they didn’t rise above being perfectly decent potatoes.


It was fun to crush them between our palms, though. Must find more recipes that involve crushing.

Grilled ham and cheese, chips, pickles

Gosh, I love pickles. I wish I had remembered to fry them right into the grilled cheese. It would have been a bright spot in a day that was otherwise like so:


Hot dogs, beans

Wednesday, I was deep in day 2 of a massive, violent cleaning project, so I just shouted down to the kids to make hot dogs, which they did. Like much of the country, we had been up until 2 or 3 a.m. the night before, watching the country tear itself apart like some kind of repulsive analogy that involves parasitical nesting insects and which I won’t share with you. Oops! Well, I won’t share the whole thing.

Well, so before we went to bed, my husband called the schools and left messages that the kids wouldn’t be in. Because their parents are too old for this shit, that’s why.

Honey garlic chicken with red potatoes and broccoli

Mighty tasty. Love love love these one-pan meals. This one is also from Damn Delicious, but we used thighs instead of breasts. Benny and I cut up the broccoli and potatoes and made the sauce in the morning, and then we threw it together in two pans half an hour before dinner time. Turns out wonderful with almost no cooking skill required.


Charred broccoli is the great, unexpected delight of my forties, just like Helen Gurley Brown promised.


And I am headed off to Connecticut for the Bridgeport Women’s Conference!

Tell me all about your meals for the week! What brought on the yummy sounds?


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7 thoughts on “What’s for supper? Vol. 59: You made a yummy sound.”

  1. Monday- Paella!
    This recipe surprised my family by everyone liking it! Surprisingly low fat and different than our normal food. I think I’ll hunt some clams or mussels down the next time we make it and add those, too…
    Tuesday – Potluck at work
    Thanksgiving dinner at work, I made apple crisp, double recipe. It was from America’s Test Kitchen and it didn’t have any oats… This seems right. I made a fat free version for my daughters, in which I added non fat greek yogurt instead of the butter and it was good!
    Wednesday- Burgers and green beans
    Tonight had to be a fast dinner so that we could make it to see the Harlem Globetrotters perform on base. Really neat!
    Thursday- Curry chicken salad from Simcha
    Served on rolls on the road to Paris. A version with greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise works well, especially since you’re tasting the spices more than the creaminess anyway. I would want to add raisins next time, since I love raisins in chicken salad. Funny story, we were supposed to be driving to Paris, but my military flight got stuck in Sicily so I had to drive out separately the next day… sorry, that wasn’t funny, but in summary, military life is weird.
    Friday- Restaurant in Paris
    Monica and Teresa had a bunless hamburger and white rice, but had little bites of our butter-drenched escargot and also some of my duck gizzard that was on my salad. Organs meats are full of fat, but also of fat-soluble vitamins, so I love to give my LPLD girls little bits sometimes.
    Saturday- Pasta with jarred sauce
    Rather boring, sorry.
    Sunday- Pork loin, sautéed green beans, roasted bell peppers sliced on top
    Really good pork loin, pre-seasoned from the commissary, that we left in the oven too long and it was a solid 20 degrees hotter than we intended it to be when we pulled it out. But it was still amazingly tender! Well, while it was warm it was tender, my husband accurately pointed out that as soon as it cooled it got tough. Luckily we were able to scarf down most of it right away. Yum.


  2. Last week:
    Sat.:grilled burgers b/c if it’s that nice out in Nov, you have to use the grill. Sun:Little Caesar’s pizza.
    Mon: chicken noodle soup, but I leave the noodles separate so they don’t get mushy and so kids who don’t like noodles (?!!?) can leave them out. Homemade french bread with it, so yummy sounds there.
    Tues: hmmm, something or other
    Wed: pork loin and potatoes and stewed apples. Pretty good, but I should have made more gravy.
    Th: leftovers from various nights
    Then husband out of town for several nights (deer season), so box mac and cheese, then corn dogs, then chicken nuggets. Many yummy sounds from all kids. Well, I like corn dogs too, I admit it.

  3. Spent this week with my dad, my mom was out of town on a much needed vacation. We ate leftover ham and veg x2, and another night had scrambled eggs. Went out to dinner at an old family favorite Mexican restaurant one night. Last night I had to pick up my mom from the airport, so made vegetable soup and deviled eggs ahead of time – well received.

    Highlight of the week: Dad wanted cauliflower with cheese sauce with the ham one night and I learned that I can make a decent white sauce (threw in some grated cheddar). As long as you have a whisk it’s not that hard.

  4. Saturday: I think it was just me and the two youngest home and they had hot dogs, and I had whatever low carb thing I had left in the freezer
    Sunday: No food in house. Cheesesteaks and pizza
    Monday: Finally went to the grocery store. Frittatas, salad, and other fresh food!
    Tuesday: Grilled chicken with cheddar jack and bacon. I dipped mine in guac. Amazing!
    Wednesday; Was up til 3 am watching the liberal sob fest on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, et al. Spent the day hanging around formerly smug, but still very rich liberals and it was like being in a funeral home. Local Friends schools announced a day off to allow their families to process the election results. We’re not so much pro-Trump as anti-Hillary in our house, so even though I was too tired to cook, I’m pretty sure we feasted on schadenfreude pie. We’ll confess it later, probably around the time Trump does something stupid, mean, or dangerous.
    Thursday: beef stew in crock pot. To save myself the trouble of chopping celery and rinsing potatoes, I used frozen “stew vegetables”. Not good. One of the boys came in from school and said, “the house smells…different.” Points for diplomacy. I’ll stick with individual bags of frozen carrots and onions, wash the teeny potatoes, and chop my own celery. It’s not that hard. That’s what I get for being lazy.
    Friday: Mac and cheese

  5. This week we were deep in the throes of moving. In town, but still. Six people collect an awful lot of stuff.
    Monday: Can’t really remember. I probably opened the fridge and pantry and called for people to eat up the stuff so I wouldn’t have to pack it/throw it out.
    Tuesday: Moving Day. I think I ate a banana. Lunch was Dominos and we had to order water–WATER–because I had neglected to bring the unopened gallons of water from the old house.
    Wednesday–Hobbit Chicken. Baked chicken thighs with seasonings (I make myself a chicken breast because I don’t like dark meat) with roasted veggies (carrots, brussels sprouts, potatoes–that’s the Hobbit part).
    Thursday–pasta night with storebought garlic bread.
    Friday–“Jesus Bread” with cheese, vegetarian soup and fruit–I learned how to make prosfora when we attended a Byzantine Rite church, and my kids really think it is the most amazing stuff. They ate so many test loaves while I got the recipe right. My five year old has dubbed it “Jesus Bread” because of the cross that gets imprinted on it with the seal. Obviously we eat unblessed loaves for dinner. Obviously.
    Saturday–Domino’s, because we have a problem.
    Sunday–I don’t cook dinner on Sunday, except for rustling up something for the youngest.

  6. Oh man, that Brussels sprouts, bacon, and eggs dish sounds soooo good.
    Saturday: Mr. Beadgirl cooked a beer-braised pork loin recipe, although I missed out on it because I was at the theater gorging on popcorn and watching Dr. Strange.
    Sunday: Mr. Beadgirl found a hunk of roast beef in the freezer and cooked that. I think? i don’t remember much of Sunday. I know I made chicken stock, though, and started the NYT no-knead bread recipe.
    Monday: I found a slow-cooker pork loin recipe (pork was on a major sale) that was easy and quite delicious; with it we had the bread. Dipped in pork juices. Mmm …
    Tuesday: Martha Stewart’s chicken in a pot; I was feeling lazy. I also made mashed potatoes, and served it with veggies. (Assume all my meals are served with steamed or raw veggies of some kind.)
    Wednesday: I was miserable, so I took up Beadboy2’s offer for him to make Mac & Cheese.
    Thursday: Still miserable, and tired from sleepless nights, plus dealing with Beadboy1’s current problems, plus it was our anniversary. I had a taco salad (ha!) on the way home from a job interview, and then Mr. Beadgirl and I treated ourselves to french fries and brownie sundaes (for me) and sushi (for him) and a bottle of wine.
    Friday: Beadboy2 is home from school and wanted to make lasagna from the cookbook my mom gave him; we are having it for lunch, though, not dinner, because he was too impatient.

  7. Damn Delicious is the best!! I don’t think we’ve had a bad recipe yet from her.
    Saturday–we spent most of the afternoon at a brewery with a food truck, so dinner was just a couple of frozen pizzas.
    Sunday–One pan chicken ranch bacon pasta, courtesy of Damn Delicious! It was very good, and made by my husband, which is even better. I should always have a newborn. :-p
    Monday–Freezer to crockpot beef and broccoli, over rice noodles
    Tuesday–Taco bake from the freezer
    Wednesday–Pulled pork sandwiches (from the freezer, naturally!) and corn on the cob
    Thursday–my church mom’s group had a family night out at a recently opened food truck park, which is owned by the husbands of two of our group members. I had a “morning after burger”–beef, bacon, crispy potato hash, gouda, lettuce, tomato, fried egg with bacon cheddar waffle triangles as the bun–and shared loaded fries with my husband.
    Friday–we are sadly coming to the end of my prepared freezer meals so I’ll start to transition to actually cooking again. Planning on a blue cheese and caramelized onion quiche, maybe with a salad *if* I actually make it to the grocery store today with the toddler and the newborn.

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