New Women’s Wellness and Fertility Center in NH includes NaPro surgeon (and they’re hiring!)

I keep forgetting to tell you! There’s a new women’s wellness and fertility center opening in Manchester, NH, right inside Catholic Medical Center. They offer standard OB/GYN services  and well woman exams, and their new doctor, Dr. Sarah Bascle, is a surgeon who is trained in NaProTechnology.

As you may know, NaPro is not only ethically sound for Catholics, but it often has a high rate of success treating women suffering infertility, repeat miscarriages, endometriosis, PCOS, and other fertility issues, bringing healing where standard medical procedures fail. NaPro isn’t magic, but it’s real medicine, not woo, and it can be life-changing.

The Women’s Wellness & Fertility Center of New England opens in winter of 2017, and they are now pre-registering patients. Check out their webiste here, or call 603.314.7595.

They are also still hiring for a few positions, including an experienced Certified Nurse Midwife. Here’s some more info about that.

Best of luck to them! Many couples will travel for hundreds of miles to work with a NaPRO-trained doctor, so I’m thrilled to finally have one in New Hampshire.


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2 thoughts on “New Women’s Wellness and Fertility Center in NH includes NaPro surgeon (and they’re hiring!)”

  1. Dear readers,

    I am one of Dr. Sarah Bascle’s former patients. My sisters in Christ, I urge you to avoid her at all costs.

    I went in for my first Ob/Gyn appointment with Dr. Bascle prior to getting married. During the examination I experienced excruciating pain. Dr. Bascle continued examining me, despite the tears running down my face, groans, gasps of pain, whimpers, and full-body tremors. My mother, who had come with me as a support, nearly passed out from the horror of it. When Dr. Bascle was finished, she simply said, “I hope that wasn’t too traumatizing to you.” I called her and her nurses back in the following days and spoke with them on three separate occasions asking why the experience was so painful. They all responded that, “this is just the way it is for some women.”

    Low and behold, I have a chronic pain condition. Rather than listening to me, Dr. Bascle was stuck in her ways and ignored my repeated request for help and understanding. Even when I spoke with the patient liaison, my experience was chalked up to “miscommunication” and “doctor’s personal methods and preferences.” She literally **does not even offer the use of a pediatric speculum for menopausal/ perimenopausal, young, or otherwise sensitive women**. I have been in therapy for months as a result of her lack of care. My marriage has suffered greatly.

    I wish this was not the cause. I wish I did not have to spread this negativity. Yet I can’t bear to think of another woman undergoing the experience that I have.

    I pray for Dr. Bascle and the women under her care each day.

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