Doctor Who at the March for Life

Three of my kids are going to the March for Life! This will be the first time anyone from our family has been able to participate.

My kids are pretty great, of course, but I was bowled over when I saw the signs they made. Here is what they have so far (and they may be unfinished, I’m not sure):

SOLID POINT. This one was made by my son, Moe. On the other side, it says this:


My daughter Dora made this excellent suggestion:


Who could argue with that?

And my daughter Clara came up with this, which is neither snappy nor concise, but it made me cry:



I’m really proud of them. They’re going to spend a couple of days with a bunch of people they don’t know at all, they’re going to spend the night and part of another on a bus, and they’re going to be out in the cold all day, and probably get yelled at. Please pray for them and for everyone who participates — and for everyone who witnesses them, too, including any protestors.

Have you been to the March for Life? Are you going this year? Got any last minute suggestions for how to make the most of the day?  And tell me about your amazing signs!




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18 thoughts on “Doctor Who at the March for Life”

  1. Great children of a great Mom.
    In Berlin, Germany, the March for Life is in September. I will be there, the fifth time in all, and the third time as one of the stewards.
    People will yell at us, throw condomes, proclaim that abortion is a human right and so on. Male so-called feminists will stand in my way and try to make me shut up. It’s always like that, but also the March is growing every year.

  2. Yeah, gotta love those Dr references. Wise words and a good cause.
    I’m at home supervising my second most favourite pro-life activity, acting as puppy warmer whilst our little Spaniel is in labour. She likes to roam whilst giving birth, so my wife catches them, mum washes them then I hold them in a towel.

    I will hold your kids in my prayers with equal care.

  3. Great job, kids!

    Snacks and layers are good suggestions. Also try to see any protestors with an open heart. Remember many women are suffering and their suffering has tendrils running through an abortion somewhere in their lives.

  4. I will be marching again with my daughter and 30 of her classmates. We will attend the rally at GMU which includes Mass. We will be marching to honor my husband’s mother who courageously chose life, and placed him for adoption with a loving family, to give him ‘his best chance’. My husband and his birth mom were finally reunited last spring after being apart for over 64 years. #WhyWeMarch

  5. Ha! The “In 900 years . . .” line is one of my favorite Doctor Who lines EVER. And the Tardis sign is WONDERFUL. I wish, oh how I wish! I could be there carrying those signs with your kids. (Don’t press the issue with other Whovians, but we really know the Doctor is pro-life . . . )

  6. I’ve been a few times, although not recently. if they’re tree climbers, that’s probably the way to go for watching the action. Despite what the media would have you believe there really aren’t a ton of pro-abortion rights protestors, so your kids don’t have much to worry about in that regard. Then again, I never carried a sign other than a parish banner, so your kids have a better chance of inciting anger from random passersby, like on the metro. If they’re going to Mass at the Shrine, they should look around CUA a bit and get the feel for the place. It’s a good school and the location offers endless opportunities – every time one of my kids looks at colleges, it’s always a strong contender. Don’t be intimidated by the list price, they’re very good about merit aid (I can’t speak to the financial aid side). And the Shrine itself is interesting. One CUA kid described it to us as “Vegas meets the Vatican.”

  7. I love Ms. Dora’s sign! And the rest as well. They are so well thought out. No wonder you are proud of them!

    I am unable to attend, but my husband is going tonight on a busload from RTL Stark County, OH. Last year, he was stranded with a busload of University of Akron students on the PA turnpike for over 24 hours. They were part of the fabulous “blizzard Mass”, and he was so happy to be with the students and the others.

    God bless your sweet kids, Fred, and all the rest!

    Susan, ofs

  8. Those are really wonderful signs that reflect not only the kindness and generosity of your children, but the strong values that have clearly been instilled in them from their parents. Well done, Fishers!

  9. Wear layers. It’s a long day and often cold. And for heavens sake, just don’t look at signs that are disturbing. Just look down. Used to go every year when we lived back east. I’ve been out west for so long I can hardly remember

  10. Veteran MFLer here. Bring snacks. Try to ignore the political speakers. Find a cool religious order to hover around-you’ll make friends and it will keep you focused a bit more and happy. And go out for something to eat afterwards, but not at Union station if you can help it, unless you like mobs.

  11. The rebooted “Doctor Who” has been just about one of the most pro-life expressions of popular culture in modern history, time after time (no pun intended). Thrilling, redemptive narratives in which ordinary and unlikely humans–and some hideous aliens–are accorded truly heroic dignity and dimension. Bravo, Simcha’s kids!

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