What’s for supper? Vol. 133: To serve your parents

This week, I decided to take a stand. No more shirking. I just care about my kids so much that I want them to be as prepared as possible for adulthood. So I let them make supper most of the week.

Bratwurst (?)

Saturday I took the oldest two kids and a friend to an I Don’t Know How But They Found Me concert, and the people back home had some kind of cookout. I think there were leftover things from some previous cookout, and then Damien went shopping with one of the little girls, whose eyes lit up at the sight of bratwurst. And very good it is, bratwurst!

Steak, asparagus, pull-apart Italian bread, strawberry shortcake

Father’s Day, of course! My father came over

and we all went to the beach and then, you’ll never guess: We had a cookout. I bought all the steaks that called out to me, and Damien coated them with a dry rub using this recipe.

Then he grilled them steaks up nice.

I sautéed some asparagus in olive oil, and we had store-bought bread to sop up the wonderful meat juices.

Dessert was angel food cake (from a mix) with strawberries and whipped cream. I didn’t get any decent pics.

I had five pounds of strawberries, and I assigned two kids to hull them, and another to mash them and add a little sugar and vanilla. Another kid baked the cakes, and another whipped the cream. I outsmarted myself here, and assigned too many people to the strawberries. By the time dessert made it to the table, that warn’t no five pounds of strawberries still in the bowl. I think there was a lot of “Well, if she’s going to taste that many, I can, too” and “You can’t tell Mama because you were doing the same thing” and “Is that all you can fit in your ear, you big baby? Watch this!”

Anyway, it was all beyond delicious.

Turkey bacon wraps, chips

With avocado, lettuce and tomato, cheddar, and ranch dressing. Some of the kids used pita bread, some used spinach wraps.

Made by the kids while I . . . I did something or other. Oh, I was chaperoning a field trip to the seacoast to explore tide pools. For the record, four+ hours in a car with no AC but with four fourth-graders talking about boys with the aid of a Magic 8 Ball? Is enough hours. I did have a lovely time scrambling around the rocks with my goober girls.

I was trying to think back if there has ever been a time when I was unhappy at the ocean. I just don’t think it can be managed.

Anyway, this sandwich is great combination of flavors, very satisfying. I got the idea when I asked for your best sandwich ideas, with an eye to doing a Sandwich of the Week thing in the warm months. Now I’m of the mind that Not Everything Has to Be a Thing, and you can Just Have Sandwiches. Still, I’d love suggestions for your favorite sandwich (or wrap, or pocket) ideas. Bonus if they include enough vegetable matter that, when the pediatrician asks the toddler what her favorite food is, she’s at least heard of things that don’t come in boxes.

Chicken burgers, cheezy weezies, carrots and hummus

I don’t remember making or eating this meal. Oh, I was at 8th grade graduation! Yes, Mr. Godzilla graduated.

Usually, we spring for a burger after 8th grade graduation, but this kid is so good, he got pizza.

Scrambled eggs, oven-roasted potatoes, hostages

Another blur day. It was the last day of school, and then we went to the beach with the school families.

I do remember cracking some eggs into a bowl while telling someone to cut up potatoes, and I remember eating a cold sausage the next day. Blur, I tell you.

Spaghetti and meatballs

I don’t know, I was driving, and then I got home and there was spaghetti and meatballs. Next thing I knew, I was hearing the music for the closing credits of Kimmy Schmidt and my husband was plucking my half-finished drink out of my hands and telling me to go to bed. Blurrrrrr.

Fish tacos, tortilla chips

Oh wait, we had a campfire yesterday! That was nice. First full day of summer vacation, so you have to do something fun.

Today, we’re going to the library, where I am bracing myself to write a very large check and request a clean slate.

And that’s what we ate this week. Don’t forget to tell me your sandwich ideas!

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14 thoughts on “What’s for supper? Vol. 133: To serve your parents”

  1. I love Benny’s hair color and curls. My daughter Sophia’s hair is very similar. That copper and gold is so unique. When she told me she was going to get highlights last month, I told her she was CRAZY, and not to touch it! That color matched with a tan is so gorgeous.

    We generally do sandwiches at beach BBQs. My husband’s signature is steak and Chimichurri, on Mexican rolls with Arrugala and tomato. Sometimes he does Asian chicken in pitas. He’s a stickler for grilling with coals. Lighter fluid is an abomination. Last month there were a bunch of unaccompanied kids using lighter fluid because they didn’t have parents there to yell at them. It smells so toxic!

    What’s also great is throwing extra steak on the grill. We freeze it and take it down when we need it. The smoky flavor keeps it yummy, and great for dipping (even cold) in sauces as an appetizer. People go crazy for it at potlucks.

    We’re generally not bread people unless we’re at a restaurant and they bring it warm, which is hard to resist. I did find a good ciabatta at Whole Foods. They bake it every morning. They put it in the bread slicer if you ask. It’s really good lightly toasted with Colombian eggs heaped on top (eggs scrambled with tomato, green onion, Canadian bacon/ham, bacon, serrano chili) Colombian eggs can be reheated and taste divine a day or two later. The thought of regular eggs reheated seems awful, but Colombian eggs are so good all the kids fight over the leftovers, even two days later.

  2. Our family loves a sandwich we call the Cape Codder: pile roast turkey topped with whole cranberry sauce then a slice of sharp cheddar on a slice of hearty bread. Put under the broiler until the cheese melts, and serve it open-faced. This is a favorite on the day after Thanksgiving, for obvious reasons.

    On a road trip through New Hampshire years ago, I had a version of this sandwich that included alfalfa sprouts. The cafe called it The Secret Bird, and it was very delicious.

  3. These may not be substantial enough for dinner, but I like ’em:
    – Peanut butter and raisins
    – Peanut butter and jelly on leftover French toast
    – Salmon on bagels with Alouette garlic cheese spread and lettuce and tomato.

  4. Often a little fancier in terms of ingredients, but a cafe in the place I used to live had great ingredient combos for sandwiches, both hot and cold. They describe them in the “Signature Sandwiches” section of their menu (my faves are the T.Ruth and the Boxcars Beef, though I ate the latter horseradish-free): http://www.nezuntoz.com/menu

  5. Sandwiches are my love language. Now that I finally (FINALLY) found gluten free sandwich thins that do not taste horrible and do not have the texture of a Dobie sponge, I am allll about sandwiches.

    Because we have various palates, a lot of times we do sub shop. I make up chicken salad (I am lazy and use canned chicken, dressed up with lemon juice and mayo), tuna salad, egg salad, get nice deli meats and shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, olives, banana pepper slices, cheese, the works, and people can make their own. Pepperidge Farms makes nice soft hoagie rolls.

    Tonight we had salmon cakes (8 cans of salmon +4 or 5 eggs, ground oats or flour to bind, lots of Trader Joe’s Onion Salt), and I slapped mine in my sandwich bun with tartar sauce and it tasted just like a Filet O’Fish. I was like Proust with his madeleine, I tell you. I bet a slice of American cheese would have put it over the top, but I can’t tolerate dairy.

    Sub Shop originated, actually, when it was clear that the A/C in our rental was dying a slow, agonizing death and the house just was not comfortable on 90 degree days, so we needed a meal we didn’t have to cook. Tasty, too.

  6. Roast beef po’boys

    Cook a large chuck roast in the oven or crock pot, basically with just salt and pepper until it is fall apart tender. Cut up french bread into sandwhich size servings, then slice down the middle – basically make sandwiches out of it. Toast the insides of the bread in a cast iron skillet with a little butter. Then dress with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. Use the meat juices for dipping.

    You can also sub out any fried seafood instead of roast beef. Or ham and cheese if you feel fancy.

  7. Two recent favorite sandwiches:
    1. Pimiento cheese BLT sliders–make up some pimiento cheese, put on sliced toasted french bread with bacon, tomato slices, and arugula or spinach.
    2. Pesto chicken salad sandwiches. I use rotisserie chicken, mix it with mayonnaise, plain greek yogurt, the jarred pesto from Aldi, lemon juice, salt, pepper, chopped celery. I put it on toasted ciabatta, top it with some diced roasted red bell peppers and some romaine or spinach. So yummy!

  8. bwahaha! That’s how I started summer vacation as well! By doing the library walk of shame. Also, I am in horrible horrible envy for Benny’s hair….

  9. On Wednesday you had hostages. What are those and how do you make them?

    (I realize you probably meant sausages but it’s a great typo. 😀 )

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