Friday: 3 monitors, 2 boxes of test strips, and a Marquette class!

It’s the final countdown! Or whatever. Today is the last day of my week of raffles. My lovely sponsors have donated no fewer than eight fertility monitors so far. Amazing! Pee on them in good health, my friends!

Today, there are three final prizes:

One monitor, donated by my friend Beth Brenner Wallace (prize for US winner)

One monitor and box of test strips, donated by Smart Loving (prize for winner in any country)

One monitor, box of test strips, and online introductory class with optional breastfeeding instruction and one year of follow-up, donated and taught by Lauren Vitale (prize for US winner)!

A little bit about Smart Loving:

SmartLoving has a range of programs for marriage enrichment and marriage preparation that aim to integrate Theology of the Body insights and modern psychology to give couples practical tools and spiritual nourishment to live the Catholic vision for marriage. We are currently investing in taking our programs into online learning to give affordable access to Couples all over the world to quality marriage enrichment and preparation.

Part of this mission is includes introducing couples to the actual Catholic teaching and vision for a couple’s fertility and promoting Fertility Awareness Methods of all kinds as an alternative to the ‘standard fare’.

See SmartLoving for more information!


A bit about Lauren Vitale:

Lauren Vitale, who worked for many years as a pediatric nurse, says:

I first learned about the Marquette Method after my youngest child was born. Natural Family Planning while breastfeeding has specific challenges, and I found the objectivity of the Marquette Method gave me greater confidence. I was so encouraged that it motivated me to become an instructor in the Marquette Method and put my nursing knowledge to good use: helping women and couples know their fertility and be empowered to make decisions with confidence.

I have been teaching the Marquette Method since May of 2017 after being trained as an instructor through the Marquette University School of Nursing Institute for Natural Family Planning. I received my full certification in May of 2018 after completing the continued practicum through Marquette University. My training has given me the opportunity to truly appreciate the value of a research-based and scientific approach to Natural Family Planning by working with the researchers and developers of the Marquette Method. I have loved meeting so many amazing women and couples from all over the world, and I enjoy helping them learn and apply the Marquette Method to meet their family planning goals.

Read more about the Marquette method and Lauren’s practice here.


How do I enter? Use the Rafflecopter form below. Please be sure to use the right one for your country. It gives you several ways to enter. If the form doesn’t show up, click on the link that says “a Rafflecopter giveaway” at the bottom of the post. Only one prize per household.

How often can I enter? You may enter once per day, using as many ways of entering as you like (see form below for details). Two winners will be chosen M-W, three on Thursday and three on Friday. Each day is a separate raffle. Each raffle runs from midnight to midnight, eastern time.

Can I win if I live outside the US? Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are open only to US residents. On Thursday, there will be one prize for a US resident and two for UK residents; and on Friday, there will be two prizes for a US resident and one for a resident of any country. Please be sure only to enter the raffle for your country!

When will winners be announced? I’ll choose winners for each raffle every day on Monday through Friday. I’ll announce all the winners on Friday, or possibly on Saturday if I am a terrible person.
If you are a winner, I will notify you using the address you provided to Rafflecopter.

Do I have to provide my actual email address, even though I worry that you will use it to steal my soul and then go on a shopping spree at Forever 21? Yes, please use an actual email address. I don’t even want your soul. Your valid email is the only way I have of getting in touch with you if you win, so please make sure that when you sign up for Rafflecopter, you use an active address! If I can’t get in touch with you, I’ll pick a different winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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