What I got wrong about Fr. Altman and disobedience

Yesterday, I got heated and wrote an essay about Fr. James Altman’s public response to his bishop. I classified it as disobedience, and called it satanic.

This was dumb of me, because it has to do with canon law, and I know almost nothing about canon law. I apologize for adding heat without light. I’m sure the bishop doesn’t appreciate any more muddying of the waters.

Let me be clear: I don’t think I’m wrong about Fr. Altman’s general attitude. If you have the stomach to wade through his many recorded words, you will hear an overwhelming and unvaried tone of arrogance and defiance, and a desire to put his own judgment over anyone else’s; and I believe he is causing scandal by encouraging his followers to adopt the same attitude of defiance. I haven’t heard or read anything by him that shows Christlike humility. However, I said he was currently disobeying his bishop, and I now believe I was wrong. Here’s some better information:

According to Canon Law Made Easy, the church tries to ensure a certain amount of stability when a bishop appoints a pastor to a parish. It’s common for a pastor to be appointed for an indefinite (and usually long) amount of time, and they can’t be removed from an indefinite appointment without grave cause.

But even if there is grave cause, the bishop can’t just say “go” and the pastor has to instantly go. The bishop has to follow a procedure which includes requesting the resignation. The pastor does not have to respond to this request, and he has the right to contest the removal. The priest can argue for staying, and two other pastors examine arguments from both sides. If the bishop still thinks the pastor has to go, the pastor can appeal to Rome. While this is going on, the pastor remains a pastor, but can’t function as one; and the bishop can’t replace him; he can only appoint a parochial administrator to do his job. 

So I was wrong to say that, in hiring a canon lawyer, Fr. Altman is demonstrating “utterly scrambled incoherent nonsense.” However distasteful it may appear for him to accept gobs and gobs of money while claiming he’s being persecuted, he is apparently pursuing his rights under canon law, which he is entitled to do. And this means that, while it’s hard to imagine his followers docilely accepting the bishop’s ultimate judgment on the matter, he’s not disobeying his bishop by not accepting his removal. I was just wrong about that, and I apologize. (I would, however, like to be a fly on the wall if Fr. Altman eventually makes his case in Rome. I have my quibbles with Pope Francis, but . . . well, I’d like to be a fly on the wall.)

The question is, what counts as a grave cause to remove him as pastor? Here is what Canon Law Made Easy says:
Canon 1741 gives us a list of the principle reasons why a pastor can lawfully be removed from office. It’s important to note right away that “principle reasons” are not the only reasons, so this list is meant to be illustrative but not exhaustive. They include:

-behavior which causes grave harm to ecclesiastical communion;

-ineptitude or permanent illness which renders the priest unequal to the task of running the parish;
the loss of the priest’s good name among parishioners, or their aversion to him;

-grave neglect or violation of his duties, even after a warning; and 

-bad administration of the parish’s temporal goods, causing grave harm to the Church, if no other way to eliminate this harm can be found.

Here, I will attempt to learn my lesson and not speculate on whether Altman’s behavior constitutes grave cause. The bishop seems to think it does (and has evidently been trying to resolve the conflict without making a big public stink). Here is the statement from the diocese:

“Fr. James Altman has recently made public the request from Bishop William Patrick Callahan that he resign his office of pastor of Saint James the Less Parish in the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, as well as his intent to decline the request. As a result, the Diocese of La Crosse will respond in accordance to the canonical process as needed for the removal of a priest from his office as pastor.

“During the past year, concerns have been expressed related to the ministry of Fr. James Altman, a priest in the Diocese of La Crosse. Bishop Callahan of the Diocese of La Crosse, and canonical representatives have worked to fraternally and privately address those concerns. The process has been pastoral and administrative with a desire toward a just resolution among all parties.

“The ministry of pastor was instituted in the Church not for the benefit of the one to whom it is entrusted, but for the pastoral and sacramental care of those for whom it is conferred. The salvation of souls takes precedence over the stability of the pastor in office when these two values come into direct conflict. Although attempts were made to allow Fr. Altman the opportunity to respond to fraternal correction, a resolution of this situation has been unsuccessful.

“It is important to note that this is not a penal remedy but a pastoral remedy. Bishop Callahan asks for your prayers for Fr. Altman, for the congregation of St. James, and the faithful of the Diocese of La Crosse and beyond. While any change made to the ministry of a pastor is difficult, it is done with the hope that God’s work of justice, reconciliation and healing may be realized in the Body of Christ for a positive outcome.
“The Diocese of La Crosse asks for the consideration of respect, safety and prayers at this time for all involved.”

One thing I got right in yesterday’s essay was calling for prayers for Fr. Altman, and I will include the bishop, and the entire parish, as the bishop requested. And I am grateful to readers who pointed out my error, and to those who offered prayers for me. 

While I’m apologizing, I also wanted to credit the folks who dug up and started circulating some of the quotes and videos I referenced, which I should have done sooner. Mike Lewis of Where Peter Is has once more done yeoman’s work, and I believe he is the one who first publicized Fr. Altman’s Pentecost sermon. @VagrantCatholic on Twitter transcribed and shared an excerpt from the discussion in which he blames Warsaw Jews for the holocaust; and Melinda Ribnek found and shared the video clip wherein he shares his views on the intellect of women


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81 thoughts on “What I got wrong about Fr. Altman and disobedience”

  1. Biblical testimony – Genesis 19:24+25
    Then the Lord rained down fire and sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah—and annihilated (meaning dispatched them directly to Hell) their inhabitants (the wicked sodomites)….while the righteous Lot was saved by God’s Angels.

    Thus we know that sodomites, as they are since then known, are not allowed into the presence of God, the Almighty.

    A sodomite being he, as per New Testament, who engages in, rather than abstains from, the perversion of sodomy.

    Jesus Christ from the very beginning of His mission required repentance for ones sins as wages for Salvation. “Take your own cross (=repent) and follow me “.

    Biblical testimony – Matthew 5:30
    And if a member of your body causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away (meaning: abstain from using it that way). For it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body go into HELL.

    So according to the infallible Bible a sodomite, one who engages in the perversion of sodomy and therefore does not repent, cannot be saved from Hell.

    But if even he repents and abstains completely from performing such depravity then even he, as the Bible teaches, will be saved, through the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ (alone). To repent means to sin no more, otherwise there cannot be any talk of repentance and salvation.

    This is unchangeable Catholic standard! This is God’s standard, God’s will and God’s condition for allowing us sinners into the Heaven. Take it or leave it. A monkie charade by a confused cleric in the form of a so called “marriage” will not help.

    Not listening to God’s word turns Christians into fools. Foolish men and women believe they listen but instead do their “own thing always” and they transform the word of God with their own “concept of reality!” Jorge Bergoglio, Oct.17.2023, morning Mass

    So here we have a definition of a fool.

    God requires adherence to the 10 commandments, Jesus Christ requires repentance. But you do not warry about them. You do not even have to follow the commandments. Do as you please! There is no Hell anyway! Just worship me, Jorge Bergoglio, i’ll give you salvation….

  2. I can’t even believe that I’m commenting on the actions and beliefs of a psychotic hate monger like Altman. Suffice it to say that just like the Westray hermits, Pope Francis needs to excommunicate this loathsome specimen of humanity (along with that other Neanderthal BP. Strickland of Tyler, Tx)! Those individuals see the Church as static & unchangeable….I thought such ignorance unimaginable in the 21st Century until I’ve been reading about these people! MY GOD….people like Altman & his ilk are detestable haters!!!! I don’t know what psychoses plague such people but they need to be vilified as the right wing haters (a la Fr. Coughlin from the 1940s/1950s) that they truly are!!!! Pope Francis is quite simply the very best Pope to head the Church & foster peace & love to all God’s children! Monsters like Altman and their brain dead cheerleaders from the ultra far right need to be excoriated by all good, kind followers of Christ the Good Shepherd who condemns no 1 & unconditionally loves all!!!

    1. “…unconditionally loves all!!!” Wow! Does He even love us “Ultra-far-right, brain dead, ignorant, psychotic, detestable-monster-Neanderthals ? Sure glad YOU’RE not a hater! 🙂

      1. Father Altman tells the truth because he lives truth and his enemies. You have counterfeit love with is nothing but rage and resentment at God and yourself.

    2. Brian, I share your views on Altman and Strickland, but Patricia has a good point that expressing your view with an aggressive tone using insulting language probably isn’t the best approach. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand your anger. But we have to try to keep our anger from crossing the line into hate. Something hard to avoid these days, since certain politicians have popularized this style of communication, particularly online.
      Preaching to myself here…)

      1. Thanks, That’s true. I often find myself getting angry when there are disagreements, especially about important things. But it always helps to actually ask the person his REASONS for believing the way he does, and then have a discussion from there. You may still not agree, but simple name-calling won’t ever bring anyone to a better understanding.
        In this, the internet can either be a very useful tool, or a dangerous weapon. You can use social media to quickly fire off insults or you can use it to carefully choose words expressing your point of view, then edit for clarity and accuracy BEFORE hitting “send”.

        A few years ago this lesson hit home with me when I knew a man, who was famous for a brief time, who in the course of an election cycle unexpectedly became “cancelled” by the media, and almost universally, by everyone else. He went from being relatively unknown, to becoming overnight “he-who-must-be-hated”. It was bizarre, seeing other people I knew, cringe in disgust at the sound of his name, when they probably hadn’t heard of him the week before.
        And I would say: “But I KNOW him; he’s NOTHING like they say on the news! How can you possibly hate him? It made no difference whatsoever. They were SURE that the pre-packaged impression they got from the media was accurate, and that I, who had known him for years, must be completely out of my mind! They refused to admit that they had been manipulated by propaganda, that they might be mistaken. Bizarre indeed! Emotions are a curious thing! We’ve got to temper them with logic.

  3. I’d be grateful if anyone could direct me to a source(s) that indicates the abortion providers in Warsaw before WWII were disproportionately Jewish, as Fr Altman claims. I couldn’t find any source and I also don’t want to conclude that the claim was entirely manufactured.

  4. Simcha,

    You lost your platform when you arrogantly chose to leave the honorary from your reference to “Fr.” Altman here:
    “Here, I will attempt to learn my lesson and not speculate on whether Altman’s behavior constitutes grave cause….”

    I know this isn’t on the substance of your diatribe but my choice of word (hint, diatribe) shows what I think of your drivel.

    Fr. Altman speaks the Truth and that can be VERY hard to hear sometimes.

    God bless. I will pray for you.

    1. I hope someday there will be an end to the practice of using offers to pray for someone as an ineffective way of disguising a condescending attitude.

  5. I think you need to re-read that, your comprehension is WAY off.

    In that twitter transcript photo Altman said the devastation experienced by Poland/Warsaw was due to abortion, and that God’s justice eventually comes due for great sin, and that justice will similarly eventually come due to America for the evils of abortions. Did you really miss the part where he criticized bishops, Catholic politicians, and Christians too (more often than Jews, in that excerpt)?

    1. God had nothing to do with the Holocaust. It was caused by Hitler and other evil Nazis. God allowed it because he allows even the most evil people to have free will. He also worked through good people who put a stop to it. The Holocaust was not God’s justice for avenging abortion.

      1. We don’t actually know when and where God’s justice and punishment of human kind come into our lives …. Do we? Yes … God loves the sinner, but hates his/her sin. And things do happen in life because of unrepentant sinners.

        1. Holocaust victims were not unrepentant sinners, although there are millions of unrepentant sinners that do not face that kind of torture in this lifetime. They were innocent victims. The evil committed by Hitler and the Nazis was not God’s will. It was something he allowed.

      2. The Holocaust was a consequence of European abundance of the Faith. In the 19th century, nationalism rose to the level of a replacement of religion. It even sucked in the priests and bishops who took the side of their own nations against another Christian nation. Pope St. Pius X warned the nations of the folly of following the march to war, and it broke his heart to see the slaughter that tool place between August and December of 1914. It can be said that the Jews were also complicit in this. They also went along with the ultra=patriotism that brought about the war, and also the worship of science that displaced their own faith as it did of many Christians. Science created the engines of war that ground men into powder. Nazism and Communism, the evil twins of totalitarianism put into the hands of the most evil men all that science discovered. The Church attempted to negotiate with men like Mussolini and Hitler and refrained from dealing with Stalin only because he did not reach out to them. Of course in Russia, Stalin made the Orthodox Church its tool by installing his stooges in power. Even Jewish leaders were blinded to the evil of such monsters. They, like so many of our bishops, were shepards who failed their sheep.

  6. Why can we recognize evil on the silver screen and not acknowledge it when it is right in front of us every day in real life?

    Populations locked in their own homes and told they could not come out into the sunshine.

    People told they needed to wear a mask even when by themselves or when outside. Making human beings into unwitting experimental subjects.

    Telling people sick with Covid to “go home until you can’t breathe”.

    Telling people there is no approved or safe early treatment for covid.

    Telling the vaccine injured that the terrible debilitating reaction that occurred right after their vaccine was just a coincidence.

    Why are they implementing all these inhuman, unscientific and cruel tactics?

    If it was for our “good”, there would be no reason to de-platform people raising concerns. Instead, a rational, clear explanation could be given and a dialogue could occur. Coercion should not be needed, warranted, tolerated or even considered. Alas, it is the order of the day.

    The science according to Fauci and the WHO would not continually change. Scientific and medical truth and facts have never before swung 180 degrees (repeatedly)! There is clearly a deeper agenda which MUST now be assumed to be nefarious. We are not the conspiracy theorists…we have uncovered their conspiracy!

    While we may not be able to see the ultimate source from whence these orders come, their goal is certainly human subjugation and even human depopulation (a.k.a. Genocide). The “powers that be” are working together against all of humanity.

    Who are some of the players?

    the government (all levels, around the world)
    the CDC, NIH and FDA
    the WHO
    the World Economic Forum
    All corporate media
    Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation
    Anthony Faucci
    many churches (including -shamefully- the majority of the hierarchy of the Catholic church)

    Bill Gates himself said in a TED talk that if the vaccine rollout was effective, there would be a 10-15 percent drop in the population!!!

    Jane Goodall (who recently spoke at the Vatican’s “Healthcare summit entitled “Exploring Mind, Body and Soul”) states the ideal population of the world should be 500 million (it is currently > 7.5 billion).

    Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum has said after the Great Reset, that we will own nothing and like it. (Please notice, he did not say that HE would own nothing!)

    They are all members of an evil cabal. They serve Satan. They do not know not how to love (and their actions show they hate all of “us” who are not part of their cabal). They, like Satan, have said “I will not serve” (God). They only know how to destroy. The demons want us all miserable and ultimately in Hell. Their current destruction plan includes killing you via “vaccine”, or driving you to despair and suicide.

    Satan and his minions are in a massive, multi-level, worldwide campaign whose goal is to steal souls from God.

    1. Why can’t we recognize the evil of people who flout life-saving and science based precautions such as masks to slow the spread of a deadly virus and save lives? (See Covidiot trolls, it is possible to make a point without turning it into a monologue.)

      1. You are a willing slave to the psychopaths. How degrading and shameful to believe and promote murderous lies when the truth is out in the open. You’re a disgrace. Repent.

        1. I commend you on your ability to finally write a short and concise comment, even though you’re the one it should be directed at.

      2. Masks harm and are medically useless to stop virus transmission, assymptomatic people don’t spread viruses, there is a non-deadly flu like virus, and the vaccines are meant to maim and kill. It’s a hoax based upon the useless PCR test, a casedemic, nothing more. It’s a scamDemic ordered to antichrist enslavement. You’re on the side of pure evil.

        1. Again, despite the lies and ignorance in your comment, I give you a lot of credit for abandoning the monologues and making your points in a concise manner. Now if you could just give up the trolling, all you would be left with would be the lies and ignorance. Baby steps…

            1. I didn’t. This guy is evil. No humor here for me.

              I have seen the sickest people in my career, and I’ve got 17 years in healthcare under my belt at this point. My physician, paramedic, and nursing colleagues around the globe (people I *personally know* by the way) are reporting the same patient findings.

              You, sir, are propagating evil and should be ashamed of the harm you contribute to.

              1. Yes, not a laughing matter. But Gates and Fauci and Schuab are laughing. The vaccinated are the ones carrying the disease now. That was the diabolical switch. It’s what they intended all along. They created a fake pandemic to usher in the real one. The vaccinated will either die in two years or be sick their whole life, but all of them will spread diseases. it’s already happening and being covered up. They want to kill billions and it’s because of people like you that they may succeed.

              2. I know what you mean Wendy. While the ignorance, lies and delusions aren’t to be taken seriously, the truth is that the dangerous misinformation these people are spreading has resulted in preventable deaths, and these attitudes are both heartbreaking and infuriating. I meant what I said to Simcha that sometimes I just have to laugh about it, because if I don’t I will cry (and have many times). Again, thank you for the work you do on the frontlines of this pandemic, where you have obtained firsthand knowledge that only arrogant people would have the nerve to lie about.

    2. I think the mask thing is rather dubious; I’m a nurse and I have to wear one at work despite being vaccinated. But what I think really works is hand washing and social distancing. Hand washing is big. It’s sure-fire thing to avoid passing germs.

      There reports every several days about the vaccine and people having problems with it, although still just a minuscule number of the people vaccinated.

      Vaccinations do save lives but I do wonder about this one, especially giving it to young children. And I do marvel at this amazing trifecta of events that has allowed something like the “Great Reset” to occur.
      Nothing good will come out if it but as always God’s in charge and he will lead us out this present he’ll.

  7. Simcha, you’re a great writer. It’s truly a charism.

    I’m so disappointed by Fr. Altman. The “Democrats are doomed” video was the first time I saw him and I was immediately disgusted. This *really* sparked my concern because I am a devout Catholic who wears a veil, shuns birth control, protests abortion clinics, lives in the Bible Belt, and loves it when people boldly criticize powerful political folks. I check ALL the boxes for someone who should be enchanted by Fr. Altman.
    (No, one does not have to check those boxes to be devout, but I’m saying I look and live like a tradcat.)

    But I was so confused at the mental gymnastics one must apply in order to criticize the Democratic Party without criticizing the GOP? Has he not heard about any of the GOP legislators who have tried to coerce their mistresses into abortions? Has he not seen pride in Donald? …seriously, he really doesn’t see any pride in Dear Leader???

    I’ll pray for him, too. And continue to scratch my head at how one can be in complete alignment with Church teaching on everything and yet still be unable to vote for the orange man that everyone else seems to be fawning over.

    1. The difference, as you know, is with the party platforms. Abortion on demand without restriction versus a constitutional amendment to prohibit abortion. Whether the Democrat Party is truly the Party of Satan, or merely provides a support network for baby-killers, is an insignificant distinction.

    2. Amy,

      The orange man as you put it isn’t our leader and there are rampant abuses in our current administration with the older Biden gentleman and Kamala Harris who has her own portfolio of abuses against people in her home state, her pride rivals that of Trump just presents differently, and she has attacked both catholic faithful and supported abortion industries.

      We traded bad for worse as is common in politics. At least Orange man curtailed the abortion industry somewhat. He has his own sins to answer for.

      This thread though is about Fr Altman and he has been right about a great many things even if his own delivery may not have been the best possible. We need more priests who will say the truth however partisan politics is already a swamp. Calling out people who are allying with those actively working to expand sin however is one of the jobs of a good priest as you know. Are all Democrats bad? No. But when their chairperson says you have to support abortion to be a Democrat, there should be a mass exodus of Catholic faithful.

    3. Conflating GOP legislators coercing mistresses to have abortions is not a GOP Party platform for abortion. However, abortion is part of the DNC Party platform. That was Fr. Altman’s sound reasoning for admonishing those that vote for the DNC candidate as self excommunication of themselves. Bishops that support the DNC support the platform of that Party… thus supporting an intrinsic evil.

  8. This has been about power and control since the very beginning, and control was certainly achieved due to mass voluntary compliance of the people brought about by government and media created fear. To say or believe that any of this happened accidentally or was a natural occurrence flies in the face of irrefutable evidence to the contrary. Just consider the premeditation, the warnings of these exact scenarios that have taken place, and the long-planned and announced agendas that were relayed to the public in order to prepare them for this flagrant conspiracy.

    The initial announcement (and now current narrative) that the Chinese through a U.S. funded and controlled lab, purposely or ‘accidentally’ released a deadly virus on their own population with the intent to cause death worldwide, is ridiculous, but was easy to sell to an ignorant and gullible population that had been pre-conditioned to fear any monster claimed by the people’s masters to be a threat. Consider that this ‘coronavirus’ plot began at least 21 years ago with the exercise called “Dark Winter.” Consider the Rockefeller Foundation’s viral pandemic simulation in 2010 called “Lock Step.” Consider the 8 month long Trump virus simulation in 2019 called Crimson Contagion, that supposedly began in China. And consider that 2 months before the fake Covid pandemic was announced, the Bill Gates simulation called “Event 201.” took place. These are just four telegraphed conspiratorial events among at least five other exercises acted out beginning two decades before this current plandemic. It should be obvious to any individual with even an infinitesimal ability to think that this coup was planned far in advance.

    For total control to be achieved, for planned deaths to occur, for panic to spread like wildfire, for reproduction to be manipulated and harmed, for depopulation efforts to be successful, for eugenics to once again become mainstream, for the convenient destruction of human immune systems to be achieved, for government allowed looting and rioting to take place, for massive division to become universal, and for children to be altered and conditioned in order to be controlled in the future, much planning and reaction to anticipated consequences had to be previously designed.

    Masks led to harmful health, psychological, and immune system side effects. Social distancing led to the destruction of families, behavioral changes meant to force communist type compliance, and eliminated vitally needed social interaction. Lockdowns led to business closings, extreme job loss, economic destruction, poverty, deadly emotional and mental problems, and a loss of self-worth. Quarantine led to more isolation, sickness, and death. Travel restrictions caused friends and family members to be completely separated. The closing of schools harmed the minds of children and parents, caused more job loss for working families, and the psychological damage has led to any manner of horrible outcomes, including a massive increase in abuse and suicides. The closing or interference in supply lines due to all these horrendous planned reactions also caused food shortages across the country. In addition, the income replacement scam meant to condition for universal income has vastly enriched the already rich, and caused great inflation in virtually every sector of the economy, which has been harmful to all. This is a short list of the very detrimental results of intentional further government intervention into the lives of all; defended as a sympathetic response by what the same government caused in the first place.

    After all this carnage by the state against the people, the final solution said to be the savior of mankind, is a poisonous experimental set of injections that will dehumanize the world’s population, leaving all that accept it at the mercy of the state and its medical criminals in the pharmaceutical and technological industries. It is not meant to cure, but to alter the mind and body; and to deform, sicken, sterilize, and kill. Once a great majority succumb to this ‘vaccination’ scheme, the ruling class will have won.

    1. Oh my God. I don’t think I’ve seen someone spew so much BS in one place before.

      This very tired, very angry RN will pray for you to be delivered from your ignorance.

      The vaccine is not affecting fertility. COVID, however, causes microvascular thrombosis in placental tissue. Chew on that for a bit.

      Masks have *not*caused more illness than COVID. That’s just a solid fact with tons of data to back it up.

      May peace find you.

      1. Thank you Wendy for taking the time to respond to the Covidiot troll’s monologue. You have a lot more patience than I do. Thanks also for being on the frontlines during this horrendous pandemic. (I’m an RN too, but not currently working in the profession due to homeschooling.)

        1. It’s like he rolled *every* conspiracy I’ve heard into one bovine excrement filled sandwich.

          I just don’t understand it. I really, really don’t.

          Pandemics *themselves* cause economic and social impact.


        1. No, you’re the one who’s brainwashed, not the RN who has been working on the frontlines of the pandemic and has seen its effects firsthand. I’m certainly not going to open your link, and I highly doubt she will either.

          1. “I will not admit any new information. You are brainwashed.” A little self reflection is a wondrous thing.

            1. Maybe you should try it sometime…and while you’re at it, you could work on improving your paraphrasing skills, as well as your definition of new information (hint, it’s not the same thing as spam links).

      2. I love the “I will pray for you blah blah blah.” SOOOO passive-aggressive and juvenile.

        Pray for your OWN eyes to be opened.

  9. Dear Simcha,
    I think you misunderstand the point Fr Altman is making, regarding the Holocaust. He did not say ‘the Jews are to blame’ or ‘they had it coming’. What he is speaking of is exactly what Moses taught the Israelites before he died when he said in Deuteronomy 28 (I paraphrase) “I set before you blessings and curses. If you faithfully obey God’s law, blessings will follow and you shall have peace. But if you do not obey God’s law, curses will follow and will overtake you and destroy you ”. Here, Moses was faithfully reporting what Yahweh had told him to teach the people as they were about to enter the Promised Land. Many people find this a very hard teaching (like they did Jesus’ speaking of Himself as real flesh and blood to be consumed in John 6) but that’s because we don’t like to be told about bad things happening as a consequence of our misconduct and rebellion against God. St Faustina was a prophet and Our Lady had warned the world at Fatima about the errors of Communism causing the ruination of people. We see it today too – we are sowing the seeds of our own destruction. As an Irish person whose fellow citizens voted to strike down our Constitutional right to life for the unborn in order to be free to pass abortion laws, don’t you think I’m aware what curses will befall our nation as a consequence? Evil so unleashed, has no limits and will destroy us in ways we can’t imagine, unless we repent and seek God’s forgiveness and blessings. It won’t be the only reason for it but it’s certainly a big one. Evil things can’t happen in a holy time because there’s too much spiritual protection; when evil happens, it’s a sign of withdrawal of that protection and usually it’s a sign of God’s chastisement, permitted out of His love and desire to cleanse and purify us. The stupid thing is, we actually know this from our faith but we so easily forget it!

    Fr Altman knows his Scripture and He understands the responsibility we all have, collectively as well as individually, for bringing harm upon ourselves. He cited an historical example of this teaching and there are many others.

    Fr Altman wasn’t saying that’s the sole cause of the Holocaust but he is saying as fact that there is a scriptural context and teaching about what happens when we sin and rebel against God’s laws – we lose the spiritual protection from evil and harm that we otherwise enjoy and bad things follow. The Jews are a special target of Satan because of who they are – as are Catholics and we are beginning to see what lies ahead for us Catholics in the West because we have sinned and broken faith with God’s laws, not just as regards abortion but in so many other ways too. So in a sense, we have it coming to us, unless (and there’s always an ‘unless’) we repent, admit our sins, seek God’s forgiveness, make reparation and seek to be restored as a holy people. Are we humble enough to begin this or is the spirit of pride still too strong in us? This turning back to God begins with each one of us, individually so that’s where we begin. For ‘the line between good and evil runs right down the centre of my heart’.

    Fr Altman can be very blunt at times and in this era of sensitivity we can’t seem to withstand much criticism and the sad truth about ourselves, but, like the Israelites in the desert, we need a Moses to give it to us straight, to shake us out of our sleepy, drowsy spiritual state to see the precipice looming ahead, while there is still time.

    So instead of knocking Fr Altman for speaking the truth to us in ways we’re not used to, (while remaining silent about all kinds of calumny spoken against him and other good priests who dare to speak up), may each of us listen and pray in our own hearts for the Holy Spirit to show us where we need to repent and seek forgiveness for pride, arrogance, self-righteousness, worldliness, whatever. Let us pray for all of our priests, for they are under massive attack right now and very divided.

    I’m in my mid-50s now and by God’s grace He’s breaking me down, making me become more humble by showing me how often I’ve lived by my own will, not in His. And I thought I was a good. faithful Catholic! But I see now it was on my terms, not God’s and I’m beginning to learn what “Thy Will be done…” really means. And it’s both a painful and beautiful experience. I heartily recommend it. It’s about each of us looking only at Jesus, not the storm, no matter how bad it gets. He will steer us and restore us if we let Him and make the necessary changes in ourselves, which priests like Fr Altman are brave enough to point out to us.

  10. Every single word about him saying that about Jews or all covid responses are bunk. You take him out of context. Lets talk about pride and understanding “truth” in an age of fake everything. 99.8% of all Americans are not dead from covid. Hardly a deadly pandemic. You tow the Party line by perpetuating it. Every sort of flu and Strep and Staph and Mersa and viral pneumonia has a far greater chance of killing you. He called their fake numbers out. You have to be completely stupid to believe that house arrest and forced mask uniformity and curfew and private business ownership plummeting and private ownership ending while race warfare is instigated and phony welfare classes are created for nanny govt control. Duh. Your absolute arrogance never looked into the group that petitioned Callaghan to remove him. (2 commentators gushing praise over you which you so humbly grasp onto quickly…ahem) most likely are in this group. The groups deceiving name is America First Freedom or something like that…a petition grass roots group FUNDED BY GATES AND SOROS TO THE TUNE OF 10 MILLION DOLLARS. Fr Altman had a hit on him. A bounty price. They got him. If I could link your Prideful soul to the petitiin I would but its not available here. Too bad you follow along…go ahead…compromise the truth now…go aling with the hype …you will quickly sell your sheep out to a commie govt like Judas did for the silver…only you will do it for internet popularity. Gosh…you are sooo great. Wonderful. The bomb…shall we go on to make YOU FEEL GOOD???

  11. My pastor is a Fr. Altman type. He operates as though *of course* we are all on the same page with conspiracy theory and political belief that stretch well beyond what I am required to believe as a good, practicing Catholic. Maybe my continued presence is reinforcing this view…I don’t know. I sought out a reverent mass thinking I was doing the right thing for my kids. Now, I worry that their minds are being poisoned by the sermons. I am weighing my options.

    I wonder how many in Fr. Altman’s parish feel the same way? How many grit their teeth and try to bear it? How many has he driven away? Because I can tell you right now, somewhere between the leftist cancel culture warriors and the ardent fans, there ARE good, smart Catholic people who are feeling the hurt and frustration and disrespect because they disagree about things on which they are allowed to disagree and are being expected to accept “facts” that they know to be untrue. And they can’t say anything out loud because they will be immediately tossed in the trash heap with other “liberals” instead of considered.

    People like Fr. Altman first (try to) define what truth is, and then portray themselves as persecuted when their “truth” is called into question. Like the good conspiracy theorists they are. I tend to think they mean well and have been fooled themselves first, but maybe I am naive. Whatever the root of it is, they have no business expanding Catholic teaching to encompass the latest thing that resonated with them on the internet. I’m not sure how they point to Catholics falling away in droves at *other* churches while they waste sermon time and bulletin space ranting instead of educating their flock in the faith.

    We on the “right” have some serious, serious problems. If anyone thinks this is sustainable long term, they are sorely mistaken.

    Pastors, feed your sheep.

    1. Well said Perelandra. I too feel caught in the middle between the two extremes (Covid denying conspiracy theorists on one side and gender nonsense pro-abortion on the other). I find it ironic that Altman is painted as the persecuted victim when he’s the one doing the persecuting (yet he implies that Jews in Nazi Germany weren’t really victims? crazy!). Prayers for your discernment regarding your parish.

      1. Even though I talk big on the internet, in real life I strongly resemble an adorable little calico kitty cat, especially when I put on my jammies, crank up the Taylor Swift, and have a cupcake party with my friends. Don’t tell anyone, but my secret ingredient is funfetti!

        1. How about some of us have family members who are hospital physicians, who were the last people to see COVID patients conscious before they intubated them, who held their hands while they begged not to die?

          I presume these Good Priests TM have also been in hospitals and have seen things, but then again, maybe not. I don’t really know how they’d reconcile that with their “Fakedemic” stance.

          How about some of us have family members who have died or have almost died from COVID?

          How about some of us (hopefully all) have brains that can think critically and have arrived at our own conclusions after researching just like you have?

          You do you. But as a Catholic I am NOT required to buy what you’re selling, nor is my pastor entitled to preach his chosen theory from the pulpit.

          1. So tragic Perlelandra, and sadly, the situations you describe are all too common. I hope we never again have to endure a deadly winter like the one we just experienced.

          2. If you read the many apparitions of Our Lady. We are undergoing a purification. Fr. Altman is concerned with souls. When will people repent and convert? Soon it will be too late for many. Those who understand these times we are living in KNOW that Fr. Altman speaks truth.

            1. It is not for us to try to predict or recognize the end times; rather it is for us to constantly seek repentance (including Father Altman). Every age has had its share of horrendous sinners and horrendous calamaties. But your dismissal of the one that Perelandra has described speaks volumes, and shows just how limited your “knowledge” is.

    2. Your Pastor sounds like mine only mine is removed also for telling the truth and warning his flock during WHAT IS THE TRIBULATION…I agree …you should leave that parish so your kids will not hear the truth through the worldly, secular noise and Godless propaganda. Go ahead leave…endanger their souls…but lady…you are fooling nobody here with this garbage. No kidding. Not one of us.

  12. Can Fr. Altman be partisan? Yes. There are many partisan priests on the left side of the aisle too (Fr. James Martin, local ones in my diocese who called business owners evil, etc.). That’s not grounds for resignation.

    Does Fr. Altman go further than I’m personally comfortable in things he’s said? Yes. John the Baptist, most of the prophets, and Jesus himself were considered abrasive and uncivil.

    To your charge of arrogance I wish to apply a counter-example. I happened to be volunteering at an event where he spoke. I witnessed him interrupt his dinner to respond to an infirm stranger’s request for Confession and a prayer. He stayed long beyond the event to spend time and engage with anyone that wished to speak with him. His words are bold and may come off as arrogant, but by all appearances he has a true servant’s heart and counts the Sacraments as greater than any other thing he could do and say.

    1. Priests are not supposed to be partisan, because in doing so they jeopardize the church’s tax -free status. I always vote Republican due to the abortion issue, but that doesn’t mean that I embrace every tenet of the Republican party (especially lately, when the party has become less about philosophy and more about a cult of personality). When a priest wholeheartedly embraces a political party, it’s a red flag. The insulting way that Altman speaks doesn’t lend itself to converting hearts. Yes, priests need to speak the truth, but it should be done in love and charity. Jesus had the right to overturn the tables and drive out the money chargers because he’s the son of God. John the Baptist had the right to be abrasive because he was preparing the way of the Lord, and also this was in the context of the time in which he lived. Altman speaking that way is alienating people, much as pro-lifers alienate people when they scream at pregnant women and call them murderers (thankfully most pro-lifers have found more effective and appropriate ways of getting their message across). That being said, I appreciate your sharing of your experience with Father Altman, and I’m glad to hear that he is devoted to the sacraments. No one is perfect. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, good points and bad points.

    2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony on God’s faithful servant, Fr. Altman. He, indeed, fathers his flock. Prayers for this courageous priest. We need more of this kind of pastors.

  13. Thank you! Very helpful and a great example to us (publicly and quickly stating what you did wrong).

  14. “Bishop Callahan of the Diocese of La Crosse, and canonical representatives have worked to fraternally and privately address those concerns. The process has been pastoral and administrative with a desire toward a just resolution among all parties.”
    “Although attempts were made to allow Fr. Altman the opportunity to respond to fraternal correction, a resolution of this situation has been unsuccessful”
    This here, shows that Fr Altman has been treated fairly, but has not responded to the said ‘fraternal correction’ offered.
    Thank you Simcha for choosing the path of humility, and for your research to bring to light the truth around this issue.

    1. I disagree. Don’t you find the Bishop’s press release awfully short on details? Don’t you think his parishioners deserve those? Especially given how greatly he appears to be loved by them? That press release reads like something from the days of the sexual abuse cover-up in it’s vagueness. Haven’t they learned better?

      Isn’t it telling that a (non-Catholic) group called “Faithful America” is claiming a victory with his bishop’s action? “Faithful America” takes positions directly contrary to Catholic teaching and the Bishop’s own authority. When Catholic bishops throw their own under the bus to either curry favor with those who’re hostile to us, or get them off their backs, what does that say? What kind of message does it send to the other priests in the diocese when one of their own is treated that way?

      In my book, when you’ve made enemies of the right people (like Faithful America) that’s a sign you’re preaching the gospel of Christ.

      1. You don’t even have a clue. We used to be members of his paridh and left because of the deep wounds he caused in our family. Fr Altman has been in trouble for years with the diocese and Bishop. We believe in practically everything he said but we didn’t fit in to his ideal. If you only knew how this whole situation was unfolding here, in the parishes, groups and families in this area, you wouldn’t stop to criticize, you would stop to pray for all the souls involved. It is awful. And heartbreaking.

    1. The dictionary is your friend. Look up both spellings and their respective definitions and be in ignorance no longer.

  15. Thank you for clarifying, and for your humility (something that Father Altman obviously doesn’t have).

      1. Please spare me your arrogance. How humble is it to blame Jews for how they were treated in Nazi Germany? If anything is diabolical, it’s that. There’s a reason why I didn’t respond to your monologue comments on the other post. Because insulting monologues are actually the epitome of pride, and aren’t worth my time or effort to respond to. So please do us both a favor and don’t address me or engage me. Going forward, if you do, it will be your own monologue, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

        1. Madam, truly the only one here demonstrating arrogance is you. I’d suggest reflection, but I believe you’re beyond that.

          I would point out though: all saints take positions that can be seen as unpopular or even extreme. Simply upsetting the pearl clutchers isn’t a reason to toss this man aside.

          1. Oh really Father (if you actually are a priest)? I’m arrogant because I think that blaming Jews for the Holocaust is more than just an unpopular statement that upsets pearl clutchers, an certainly not a position that a saint would ever take? Then you have a really warped definition of arrogance, and you are the one who needs to reflect. But in the meantime, I will reflect on my gratitude that, unlike you and Father Altman, there are holy, charitable and godly priests in the world.

            1. Please post a link in which Altman blames Jews for Holocaust/Shoah. It’s a serious accusation that I haven’t heard of before.

                1. What a great video! Thank you for sharing. I encourage everyone to watch the entire video very carefully, perhaps more than once. Then repent, go and sin no more.

                2. Everyone on the face of the planet is in need of repentance. Those who blame Jews for the Holocaust, or who enjoy videos that profess that belief, have a special need for it.

                3. It appears that they were indeed wrong about Fr. Altman.

                  Every second of this video was critically viewed. There was nothing in the video to support the allegation. Therefore this video is declared virtuous. The allegation must be declared false, failing the Fair Evidence Test.

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