What’s for supper? Vol. 297: Crazy-go-nuts

Spoiler: Almost zero cooking going on here this week. In the interest of not letting the site go completely fallow, I’m doing a WFS today, but I’m warning you, it’s mostly a description of what we did instead of cooking dinner. It’s June and we’re running around like maniacs, then getting dressed up and clapping, then running around some more, with a little frantic gardening in between. Here’s my story: 


On Saturday, Damien and I drove to Ithaca, NY to visit our friend Susie Bright, who was on the east cost to give tours of her exhibit at Cornell. She cooked us a most excellent dinner and made us feel like the most interesting people in the world, which is her specialty. Next morning we met again for coffee

and a tour of the wonderful bird-crowded marshes near the cabin she was renting. Then we went to Pentecost Mass at a church at the very beginning of a massive renovation project. You can see in this pic how they’ve opened up just a small slot of plaster to reveal the stained glass window underneath.

The whole apse must be stained glass underneath, and who knows what else. Very excited for them! They also had a cheerful African priest who said he was going to sing in Swahili, but he never got around to it. We’ll have to go back. 

Then we went to Taughannock Falls, which is the best place I have been in years. You can stroll up a dirt road in the woods, or you can hike up a rock riverbed that’s been shaped by an ancient ocean and still looks pretty much exactly like the bottom of the ocean.

There is a small set of waterfalls, and little rivulets of water, many teeming with busy little fish and tadpoles; and if you keep following it upstream up over some ledges and around some bends, you will eventually cross a small footbridge and find yourself inside a steep bowl of towering black shale 

with a waterfall tumbling down a notch at the end!

A wonderful place. Birds everywhere, sparkling clean. The hike is only 3/4 of a mile, so we did okay in our Sunday clothes. We definitely met some people who were expecting more of a leisurely stroll and maybe not so many tadpoles!

We made our way back and then drove around Ithaca, which is a nutty town with all kinds of things all smooshed together, and settled on Luna Street Food. I had a blueberry lemonade and a bulgoki steak bowl and, okay, it took them about fourteen hours to make it, but it was heavenly. 

Then we had a five-hour drive home ahead of us, so we said goodbye to beautiful, beautiful upstate NY and went home, with breathtaking mountain vistas all along the way as the sun went down.

This picture is actually Vermont in the morning, but who’s counting. I would not mind going back and spending more time in the Ithaca area, because it looks like there’s lots to do. 


Things were a little wobbly when we got back, because we maybe didn’t leave super clear instructions about getting people to birthday parties and picking up our elderly neighbor and getting people to work and who exactly was in charge, anyway, but nobody murdered anybody, and we soldiered on. 

Monday was Corrie’s class play, Snack Wars, loosely based on Star Wars, loosely promoting healthy eating, or something. I don’t know. It was very cute. Corrie was some kind of . . . thing, and her job was to hold signs

and race up and down the aisles

(although that part may have been her idea). I don’t know, it was cute. They sang and danced, and it was in person, not via Zoom. 

I think we had chicken nuggets and chips for supper. 


Taco Tuesday! I even got a picture. Damien made the tacos. 

Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, fruit salad

This is the closest I came to cooking this week. Not very close.

The fruit salad was watermelon, strawberries, and grapes. (I’m telling you so I can say there’s a recipe in this post.) The sad part about this meal was that I’ve been getting more serious about counting calories, and today was the day I found out something I’ve been hiding from myself all my life:  How many calories are in mayonnaise. Boy oh boy. 


Thursday the kids had hot dogs, and Damien and I went to the NH Press Association awards, where he won first place for political reporting!

This was for his work at the NH Journal. They also won three other awards, including a First Amendment award because one of their reporters got arrested for covering a protest in front of the governor’s house. Yes, he identified himself as a journalist and was not trespassing. So, we’re all fine and constitutional here, how are you? Anyway, we had fun getting dressed up and drinking wine out of plastic cups and eating rubber chicken and clapping a lot. We clean up pretty good.

Sorry it’s just mostly pictures of us grinning this week. I’m just really happy to see Damien getting some recognition. He works super hard every day and he should win a lot of awards. 

He also chased away a skunk and unclogged the shower drain this week. 


Kids are having tuna noodle casserole; Damien and Elijah and I are going out to eat because it is Elijah’s graduation day! More getting dressed up, more clapping, and another high school graduate; my stars. That makes five. Half the kids! 

We also have some kind of open house thing to go to today at the middle school, before adoration. And somebody has to get to a dance. And there was something called “Reader’s Theater” that we were supposed to go to yesterday, but the kid heroically I mean sadly had an upset tummy and stayed home. And it was Skip Day/Step-Up Day, which got increasingly complicated and ridiculous and ended up performing its true function, which is reminding the 8th grader that she has had about enough of these people and is ready to go to a different school now. This weekend is the special baseball game with the parade for all the kids who finished their Reading With Ribby bookmarks, I think, unless we already missed it; and next week is 8th grade graduation, and a 10th grade trip to Six Flags, and I think a job interview, and another birthday party that I just remembered I forgot to RSVP to, and the last day of school is Thursday, which is a half day and everybody is going to the beach, and we need cash because there will be an ice cream truck. And I did finally finish filling out the camp registration forms, and I just need to turn them in, and yes, it’s going to kill me.

So, watch this space for more chicken nuggets, I’m guessing. How are you? 

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9 thoughts on “What’s for supper? Vol. 297: Crazy-go-nuts”

  1. Congratulations to everyone and good luck getting through that last week of school plus everything else!

  2. Me clicking: Susie Bright, ha ha wouldn’t it be something if…OMG!

    If more Catholic writers were friends with legendary lesbian activists, the Church would be a better place.

  3. Where I live it’s May that’s crazy with final plays, final games, finally clapping for someone else. We’re in summer job and summer project and get- the- kids- off- the- computer mode now

    You look great – that dress is wonderful on you. You and your husband make a very dashing couple.
    As for food, I think I used leftovers 3 times this week, grilled cheese another, and pancakes. I did grill chicken one night, but I’m sure vegetables were mostly absent. Some weeks are like that!
    Congratulations to your assorted graduates.

  4. Congrats on everything! Sounds like you have been happy busy. Me, I moved. And then escrow got delayed for six days. And my parents’ house, where I now live, is a total mess. I used all this as an excuse to buy tacos and order Chinese, until I saw my credit card bill; so now it’s back to cooking.
    But! I tried overnight oats for the first time and it works, so I think my breakfast is solved for the next few months. I use 1/3 cup oats, 1 cup milk (does not have to be dairy) or yogurt, fruit and spices as you like them, and let it sit overnight. In the morning you grab it and eat it. It’s pretty filling and it is nice and cool on a hot morning.

  5. I love it! Sounds full of life and good things, and nobody starved and you look great in your dresses. And congratulations to your husband; was that award because of his Ghislaine Maxwell reporting?

    Heather near Atlanta

  6. Is Susie your friend that used to (still does?) read all your stuff and tell you if it makes sense?

    We’re good here. Surviving busing the kids to swim lessons every day. Last one is today (praise the Lord!)

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