Rock and roll! What a empty generation.

Just had a nice interview with Dina Marie Hale of KBVM, in advance of the Catholic Women Rejoice conference in Vancouver, Washington this September.  I had nearly a whole hour to blather on!  I’ll post a link to the interview later, should you want to listen.

Then I was grousing on Facebook about how much harder it is to speak radio than to speak to a crowd in person, because you don’t get any reaction from your audience, and have no idea of whether you’re connecting or not.  My sister comforted me:  “Could be worse.  ‘In the old days you could get in there, hit ‘em with an apple or a grapefruit. Nowadays, you do dat, you need a new picture tube, fifty bucks!’”

This is a quote from an LP we used to listen to growing up.  Eddie Lawrence — weird, goofy, hilarious stuff.  Here’s the skit my sister was quoting from.  I laughed so hard, the kids didn’t know what to think.

“I say if you can’t vote six, seven times, stay home!  Supposed to be a democracy, ain’t it?”


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