This at-home ovulation test could be an NFP game-changer

Here’s some amazing news for couples who use NFP: the Marquette method, which measures estrogen and LH in the urine, is about to get more effective — or it could, if MFB Fertility raises enough funds to get their newly-developd Ovulation Double-Check Test Strips into production.
Amy Beckley is a biologist with a background in hormone signaling, and is a co-founder of MFB Fertility, which developed the Double-Check Test Strips. Beckley says that after two frustrating years of trying to conceive, she realized that women could manage their fertility better if they could test their urine at home for the presence of progesterone, confirming that ovulation had occurred, not just predicting it.  The test strips she developed can be used both by couples trying to conceive (indicating that ovulation has actually occurred) and by those trying to avoid pregnancy (confirming that they are safely past the fertile phase of the cycle).
MFB Fertility is currently in talks with Marquette, and the goal is to eventually include these progesterone tests into the Marquette protocols. As I’ve mentioned before, I use Marquette myself, and I’m thrilled to see these test strips about to come on the market. They will make family planning more accurate and reliable.
There’s an Indiegogo campaign going on right now to raise funds to get the test strips into production at a manufacturing site in the U.S.  They need to raise $28,000 to start production. The campaign ends May 12th, and if you contribute now, you can get some test strips for yourself — a lifetime supply for the first 250 to contribute $99.
And you can also get — what else? — some adorable sperm and ovum socks, because sex is funny, always has been, always will be.
I’m very excited about this effort! Anything that makes NFP easier and more effective is a huge gift to couples. Please share the word!  If you have questions, you can contact Beckley directly at

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