Michael Kiwanuka is the singer we’ve been waiting for

What a joy to discover a new (to me) singer. I stumbled across Michael Kiwanuka last weekend while mucking out my little girls’ room and listening to whatever YouTube suggested. This is a nearly perfect song, so tender, simple, and true. Enjoy!

Little bit of Otis Redding, maybe a little bit of Van Morrison, little bit of The Band, little bit of something very, very old in every human heart. This is a good year for music! I think people are getting tired of trick voices and precious, twee gimmicks, and the singers with souls are stepping up.

Here’s another gorgeous, heart-rending one from Kiwanuka, who was raised in London by parents who escaped the Idi Amin regime in Uganda.

In a completely different vein! “Without you, I’m just bones.”  Love it.

Don’t you love him? It’s true new music, not retro, but what heft it has. Kiwanuka will release his third album, Love and Hate, on July 15th.


Image By Jeroen Komen

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