Why we leave the ninety-nine

Some American Catholics haven’t learned a damn thing from our ordeal. Some American Catholics, when they hear about new victims of sexual assault and abuse by Catholics, are still dragging out all the old defenses:

Well, but look at all the good fruits.
Well, but look at all the energy we waste if we focus on the tiny minority.
Well, but we have to think of our reputation.
Well, but no one will trust us if we admit there’s a problem.
Well, why would you even dare to criticize us? Is it because you hate shepherding and want anarchy?

Well, but it’s just one sheep. It’s unfortunate, but . . . we’re in the fold, and we’re doing all right.

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2 thoughts on “Why we leave the ninety-nine”

  1. It is not a comfortable to face that the 99 have to suffer all the loss of reputation and shame and the pain that the 1 suffers. But that is what we are supposed to do and not work to spare ourselves any of that pain.
    Great post.

  2. Thank you for this article. The Church needs to humbly recognize her own wrongdoing and endeavour to help the victims to heal and also accept help in healing the Church. The great concern is with the victims and the perpetrators for they are also victims in another sense; but also the many who will turn away from the Church and perhaps turn their back on God. There is a lot at stake here. We, the ninety-nine, are called to be the servants of all.

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