Check out my featured interview on the Mystery Through Manners podcast

Here’s the latest Mystery through Manners Podcast episode, featuring me! I truly enjoyed talking to the gracious and intelligent host, Jules Launi, and was very impressed at how she made something coherent out of my rambling. (I sound like a heavy smoker because I had bronchitis.) Definitely subscribe to this podcast. I don’t know anyone else … Continue reading “Check out my featured interview on the Mystery Through Manners podcast”

Contest winners + I’m on The Catholic Podcast with Joe Heschmeyer

Sorry for the delay in the list of winners! Everyone on this list has been notified using the email they provided to enter the contest. Monday Christine Dumouchel Julie Von Rotz Tuesday Victoria Treboschi Theresa Hardy Wednesday Lori Magelky Stacia Demeulenaere Thursday Jamie Piper Jake Casey Jessica Marsh Friday Rachel Nesbitt Debbie McGeehan Catherine Burnham … Continue reading “Contest winners + I’m on The Catholic Podcast with Joe Heschmeyer”

Podcast #58: Thank you, Chachi!

Who can even say what’s in this podcast? What isn’t in this podcast? Not Chuck Norris, that’s who! And not a poem by Donald Justice. Photo by Carlos Killpack via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Podcast #57: And then the internet took off.

It’s a stone cold sober podcast! And in honor of how much we suck, it’s free. Damien and I incisively analyze the dead hand of Mother Angelica, how Facebook pranks all of Australia, newspapers that were not metaphors, a small disappointment about sharks, cocktails, lyme disease, toxic masculinity, and so much more. And a poem … Continue reading “Podcast #57: And then the internet took off.”

Podcast #56: Glory be. (free! free!)

Matt Walsh, Cape Cod, Tony Montana, baked beans, fat girls, football pooper, LEONARD BERNSTEIN! It almost works. And a poem by John Bargowski.

Podcast #54: Faulknersauce!

In honor of FINALLY GETTING AROUND TO RECORDING A PODCAST FOR ONCE, we’re making this one free to all comers. (Normally, podcasts are for closers, I mean patrons.) Sorry it’s been so long! Or, you’re welcome! You’re welcome! This evening, we snickered our way around hybrid wolves, Vienna sausages, the town with no bootstraps, cellulite, … Continue reading “Podcast #54: Faulknersauce!”

Today I’m on The Catholic Feminist Podcast

The delightful Claire Swinarski graciously invited me to be on her podcast, The Catholic Feminist. My episode, #50, is up today. It was so refreshing to talk to a young Catholic woman who both loves the Faith and isn’t allergic to the word “feminist.” Among other topics, we talked about “#metoo,” about why Damien and … Continue reading “Today I’m on The Catholic Feminist Podcast”

Podcast 49: Not trying to hurry you (FREE PODCAST!)

I’m making today’s podcast free, just for the hell of it. Normally, podcasts are open to patrons who pledge $1 or more through Patreon. You are still highly encouraged to pledge. But this one is free, who can say why. In this podcast, my husband Damien and I cover: How to get motivated at work … Continue reading “Podcast 49: Not trying to hurry you (FREE PODCAST!)”

Anniversary Podcast!

And here it is! Our 20th anniversary podcast, which we’re making free to all comers. OF COURSE we had some equipment trouble and ended up having to share a microphone. Made me a little uncomfortable sitting so close to this virtual stranger, but we muddled through. We answered, sorta, the following questions generously provided by … Continue reading “Anniversary Podcast!”